Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #004 July 15, 2009

Healthy growth rates forecast for online marketing spending, with social media marketing leading the way.
Despite the recession, Forrester Research projects double-digit annual growth rates for a variety of online marketing media between now and 2014. While social media marketing sports the gaudiest CAGR at 34 percent, this is largely due to its small initial base. The biggest dollar winner is search marketing, which is projected to grow from $15.4 billion to $31.6 billion in spending by 2014.
The Social Media Guide

The FTC considers new truth-in-advertising guidelines for online marketers.
The Federal Trade Commission has posted for comment new disclosure rules for online media that would make posters disclose when they are being paid for their comments on specific products. At issue in particular are bloggers who post reviews of products while receiving sponsorship support from those products.
The New York Times

Women's online habits are explored by a recent study.
A survey by SheSpeaks.com focused on the online browsing and activity practices of women. It revealed that shopping remains the number one online activity for women overall, but there is a gulf between different age groups. 73 percent of women under 30 responded that their top online activity was to "connect with others."
Search Engine Journal

Nielsen's data shows the personal touch matters--even online.
A recent Nielsen's survey focused on who consumers trust the most for product recommendations, and not surprisingly, personal recommendations scored the highest. 90 percent of people trust recommendations from someone they know, but consumer opinions posted online also did well, scoring the trust of 70 percent of respondents. Text ads on mobile phones were rated the lowest, being trusted by only 24 percent of respondents.

Microsoft's Bing draws early attention.
Microsoft's recently-launched search alternative called Bing has succeeded in drawing some early traffic, as the site drew more US visitors in June than Digg, Twitter, or CNN. It remains to be seen whether this was due purely to initial curiosity seekers or a $100 million advertising campaign, but Microsoft appears to have succeeded in the short-term goal of getting people to check out the new site.
Marketing Pilgrim

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