Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #007 August 05, 2009

Customized online experiences take on a new dimension.
Online marketers have already been customizing site visitor experiences--from shopping cart suggestions to advertisements--according to the visitor's browsing history. Now retailers like the Gap and Victoria's Secret are correlating online histories with what they know about customers offline, to create a more detailed customized online experience.
The Tuscaloosa News

Survey shows industrial marketers are part of the trend toward more online spending.
Although retail e-commerce sites and marketing campaigns garner the most attention, manufacturing companies are also moving greater shares of their budget toward online marketing. A survey of sales and marketing executives in the industrial sector showed that 48% have allocated a greater share of their budgets to online marketing this year than last, while nearly a third are reducing budgets in traditional areas such as trade show attendance and print ads.
Yahoo! Finance

Spa chain Bliss blends low and high tech in new marketing campaign.
ABliss, a chain of spas in New York, is promoting its services with an old-fashion publicity gimmick with an up-to-date social marketing twist. They will have people dressed as gorillas wearing bikinis appear at several locations around New York City. To get extra mileage out of this stunt, they have promoted it in advance with an email campaign, and plan to post videos of the appearances on social networking sites.

Google goes offline in latest advertising campaign.
For a company which is synonymous with online searches, Google has chosen a curiously low-tech advertising approach to promote its online suite of office applications. The company plans to lease billboard space in major urban areas to promote its applications, which the company has been marketing since 2007.
Yahoo! Tech

Twitter unveils new front page with an emphasis on search.
In an effort to extend its brand into the profitable search arena--and thus to expand the site's profit potential as well--Twitter has launched a redesigned home page with an emphasis on its search capability. Twitter joins Microsoft in eschewing the phrase "search engine," as Twitter co-founder refers to Twitter as a "discovery engine."

Twittering heaviest among mainstream adults.
A recent survey shows that the lion's share of the growth in use of Twitter is coming from adults between the ages of 25 to 54. However, both the under 25 and over 54 groups show solid growth numbers as well, and the statistics for the under 25 group may be misleadingly low, because of how the demographics in the survey were sliced.
Marketing Pilgrim

Yahoo! shareholders pan search deal with Microsoft.
In the first day of trading after Yahoo! announced its search deal with Microsoft, shares of Yahoo! dropped 12%, apparently in reaction to the deal. Shareholders are disappointed that Yahoo! has essentially disposed of its search asset without receiving upfront cash, and some institutional shareholders view the stock's reaction as a negative review of CEO Carol Bartz's performance.
The Washington Examiner


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