Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #023 November 25, 2009

Small businesses diversify search advertising as they increase spending.
A report by WebVisible indicates that Google has lost 5% of its market share in small business search advertising over the past year, but still enjoyed a huge lead in the category with 60.4% of the market. Yahoo! trailed at 26.2%, followed by newcomer Bing at 10.5%. Perhaps the biggest--and best--news of all was that small businesses increased search ad spending by 91% over the prior year.

Use of new Google tool on YouTube raises prospect of searchable video.
YouTube is making available captioning for videos based on Google's automated speech recognition technology. The obvious benefit is allowing the hearing-impaired to see the text of any videos, but converting sound to text also raises the possibility of using search tools to find videos with specific content.
Search Engine Watch

Palm backs off in latest round of skirmishes with iTunes.
Palm had developed an application for its Pre and Pixi operating systems which allowed users to synchronize seamlessly with Apple's iTunes store. However, upon meeting resistance from Apple, Palm has backed off from using the application. This is not likely to be the end of a struggle which may redefine where proprietary technology meets restraint of trade in cyberspace.
New York Times

One plan for Twitter to capitalize on its popularity: premium accounts.
Just as its popularity seems to be peaking, Twitter has announced one plan to capitalize on that popularity: offering premium accounts to paying customers. These will be targeted at commercial users, and those premium accounts will include commercial features and analytics.

Facebook starting to make a splash in video.
Though it has nothing close to YouTube's astronomical viewership numbers, Facebook has quietly moved up to become the third most popular site for viewing videos, according to the Nielsen Company. While Hulu ranks second to YouTube in terms of the number of streams viewed, Facebook actually boasts far more unique viewers.
Marketing Pilgrim

Google continues its acquisitive ways with purchase of Teracent.
Google has announced the acquisition of display ad network company Teracent. With Google already owning ad network DoubleClick (acquired in 2007) it seems to be trying to expand its presence in that space, as well as generally trying to broadly integrate its businesses, with the acquisitions of Web communications software company Gizmo5 and mobile display ad network AdMob having already been announced this month.

Clicks vs. Bricks: Amazon and Wal-Mart get into a price war.
Just in time for the holidays, retail heavyweights Amazon and Wal-Mart seem to have locked into a price war with one another. Amazon, of course, has led the encroachment of e-commerce into the sales of traditional retailers like Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart, in turn, is approaching online sales the way it has traditionally moved into new geographic territories--with aggressive pricing designed to take full advantage of its economies of scale.
New York Times

Twitter, Microsoft, and Federated Media team up to bring you expert IT tweets.
Twitter, Microsoft, and Federated Media, who previously had collaborated on a selection of business expert tweets known as ExecTweets, are now gearing a similar approach to Information Technology professionals with ExecTweets IT. The premise appears to be to add value by selecting the top perspectives in a field for inclusion.

eMarketer predicts a modest return to growth for this holiday online shopping season.
eMarketer predicts that online sales will be up 5.4% this holiday season over the same period last year, coming in at a total of $30 billion. While not a full recovery to 2007's peak of $30.2 billion, eMarketer's projection would represent a welcome return to growth after last year's 5.7% decline.

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