Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #020 November 4, 2009

Study suggests Twitter is more addictive than most social media.
A recent study by Crowd Science shows that more people are unable to resist Twitter than other social media on average in situations where they should be otherwise occupied. Twitter users are far more likely than non-Twitter users to access social media while at work, while in the bathroom, or while driving.

Google sued for copyright infringement over a component of Chrome.
Google has been sued for copyright infringement by Red Bend Software over an algorithm which expedites software updates. If Google is found to have violated the copyright, they may have made it worse for themselves by ignoring a warning from Red Bend and by publishing the algorithm as part of the open source code for Chrome.
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Samsung employs a virtual salesman.
Consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung has been experimenting with an interactive expert for retail sites such as Indications are that customers are more likely to view products after they've had a chance to interact with Samsung's online expert.

YouTube continues to achieve staggering viewership numbers.
According a comScore report for the month of September, a total of 168 million US Internet users viewed online video in September. This represents 84.8 percent of the total US Internet audience. YouTube captured the biggest share of the video audience with 125.5 million viewers, followed by MySpace with 45.6 million viewers.

Turkey's suit against Google for back taxes could have implications for other international marketers.
The nation of Turkey has sued Google for the equivalent of $47 million in back taxes, based on the value of advertising Google has sold in Turkey. Google counters that its ad operations are run out of Ireland and thus are subject to the tax laws of that country. Whatever the letter of the law, any country could make it difficult for a website to operate within its borders, so Turkey's cash grab could signal a disturbing trend for international Internet marketers.
Marketing Pilgrim

Twitter's demographic trending younger.
Users aged between 30 and 39 were once considered Twitter's core user group, but new figures suggest that younger people are now using Twitter the most. A study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 33% of Internet users between 18-29 now say they do status updates on Twitter or similar social media, compared to 22% of Internet users between 30 and 39.

Growing holiday sales may require aggressive effort from online retailers.
The days when growth in online sales was automatic are over, but a new forecast by Forrester Research says that growth in holiday sales can be had this year by online retailers that work for it. Overall holiday shopping online is projected to grow by 8%, but Forrester's polling says that more customers are researching prices, using online coupons, and waiting for sales.

Google gets patent for search refinement technique based on user behavior.
Google has received a patent for a process of refining search results based on previous search terms, and on which sites the user has clicked on previously. Though not immediately obvious to users, this type of patent could help Google preserve its leadership in search, though searches which lean toward prior behavior may frustrate users who are looking for new results.

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