Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #093 April 27, 2011

Top spots in Google searches have nearly three times the click-through rate of the number two spot.
Some new data on traffic resulting from search placement not only reinforces the view that it is crucial to appear on the first page of search results, but it also shows how dominant the number one overall ranking in any search result is. Top-ranked results had 36.4 percent click-through rates, compared with 12.5 percent for the number two position.

In some cases, Google's Panda update seems to reward recycled content.
According to one report, search result rankings following Google's Panda update show that original content may be ranked below the same content on a website to which it was syndicated, Even worse, there were instances where content on its original site appeared lower in search results than the identical content which had been pirated by another site.

Google ad previews allow users to peek without clicking.
The already-difficult task of measuring the effectiveness of online advertising may have just gotten tougher. Google is testing a feature which would allow users to see a preview of an ad's landing page without actually clicking on the ad.
Search Engine Land

Google wades into the coupon business.
Rebuffed last year in its efforts to buy Groupon, Google is entering the coupon business on its own with Google Offers, which is now taking sign-ups in three markets: New York City, the San Francisco Bay area, and Portland, Oregon.
Search Engine Land

Location tracking causes concern among mobile app users.
Amid stories about location tracking by Apple and Android devices, a new Nielsen study found that the practice is a widespread concern among mobile app users. 52 percent of male users, and 59 percent of female ones, responded to a survey by saying that mobile tracking was a privacy concern.
The New York Times

eBay becomes the latest national Web giant to target local marketing.
With its acquisition of location-based service finder Where.com, eBay is actively pursuing a local marketing initiative. eBay's PayPal payment service could be a key strategic addition to local marketing programs.

A new study charts the life cycle of a Facebook post.
Visibli, a company which provides social media toolbars, has released a study which shows that on average,Facebook posts get 50 percent of their "likes" within the first hour and twenty minutes, and 95 percent within the first 22 hours. This has implications for the timing of commercial Facebook posts--any less frequently than once a day means posts will have gone stale, but too frequently could mean drawing attention away from earlier posts which are still attracting fans.
Marketing Pilgrim

Local coupon space becoming crowded with heavyweights.
On the heels of Google's announcement of its local coupon tests, Facebook has announced a five-city test of its social deals program. Facebook's program will do its trial launch in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco. San Francisco might be an interesting battleground because it is the only city where theFacebook and Google tests overlap, though ultimately the real loser in this battle could be Groupon.
Marketing Pilgrim

Demand Media being mauled by Panda.
The plight of Demand Media might be the clearest example yet of the impact of Google's Panda update. The Internet content provider's traffic is down 40 percent since Google made the change to its search engine, resulting in a 34 percent drop in Demand Media's stock.
Marketing Pilgrim

Ad revenues still driving the lion's share of Facebook's growth.
Even as it tries to diversify its revenue sources, Facebook is still highly dependent on advertising revenues. Advertising represented 93 percent of all Facebook revenue in 2010, and is expected to represent 90 percent in 2011. The good news is that those revenues are huge--eMarketer estimates that Facebook will attract $4.05 billion in ad revenue during 2011, with $2.19 billion of that coming from the US.


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