Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #114 September 21, 2011

Bing is rolling out an adaptive search capability.
Bing has announced that it will begin introducing a search enhancement which will hone searches based on the user's previous search history. Unlike a Google capability that adapts a search based on the one immediately preceding it, the Bing enhancement will take into account the user's history from the previous 28 days.
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New study shows that social media metrics remain plentiful, but challenging.
A survey of Chief Marketing Officers by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business shows a rise in the use of leading social media metrics such as hits/visits/page views, repeat visits, and number of followers or friends. However, tying social media programs to the bottom line remains elusive, as the percentage of CMOs using sales as a social media metric declined from 17.9% to 13.3% over the past year.
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Google gets started in the travel info market.
Google is starting to roll out new capabilities for finding travel information, with distinctive advantages such as processing speed and interaction with Google's search and mapping capabilities. The potential for Google to shake up this market is evidenced by the fact that a number of prominent players in that space tried to block Google's acquisition of ITA, which enabled this new effort, on anti-trust grounds.
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Twitter beefs up marketer-friendly capabilities.
Twitter has made two new moves to appeal to marketers. One is to provide users with analytics on responses generated by the "Tweet" button; previously only advertisers had access to these analytics, but now anyone using the button can obtain them. Also, Twitter is cautiously starting to expand the distribution of Promoted Tweets to selected users, beyond the followers of the brands being promoted.
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Google may add celebrity endorsements to search results.
In a demo about Google+, Google showed a new addition to search results--a footnote acknowledging a celebrity endorsement of the product in the search results. According to a Google spokesperson, this program is being rolled out initially to just a select few advertisers.
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Yahoo! turns to Facebook content to enhance its search results.
Yahoo! has introduced an option which allows users to have Facebook content such as photos included with their search results. The option will be available in the form of a Facebook tab which will be presented to users who have connected their Facebook and Yahoo! accounts.

Facebook adds a Twitter-like subscription feature.
Facebook has added a "Subscribe" button, which allows users to sign up to receive updates from people outside of their circle of Facebook friends, and also lets them issue content to anyone who wants to subscribe to their updates. The feature is seen as capturing some elements of Twitter's immediacy and broad distribution of material.
Search Engine Journal

Political ads have become the latest frontier for online targeting.
Campaign Grid, an online advertising firm specializing in Republican campaigns, is offering highly-targeted political advertising online. They hone their target lists by cross-referencing Republican voter registration rolls with personal data on those voters collected from a variety of online publishers and other sites that have collected information such as income or purchasing history.

Texting usage is heavily skewed towards younger, more prolific users.
Data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project shows that 95% of young adults (18 - 29) use the texting features on their phones. The average user in this age group sends 87.7 texts per day, but since the median is 40 texts a day, this is skewed significantly upward by a minority of very heavy users. More striking still is the contrast with the median for all cell phone users, which is 10 texts per day.
Marketing Pilgrim

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