Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #115 September 28, 2011

Email deliverability rates in North America outpace global rates.
A study by Return Path found that email deliverability rates leveled off at 81% globally in the first half of 2011, with 7% being flagged as spam and 12% unaccounted for. However, in North America deliverability rates improved by 4%, to 86%, with 6% ending up in spam filters and 8% unaccounted for.

Nielsen crosses the line from measurement to marketer.
Widely-followed online audience measurement firm Nielsen will be using its information to help marketers target their advertisements. Nielsen will partner with Traffiq, a media management software firm, to provide a display-ad buying platform based on Nielson data.

Google+ prepares to enter a new phase of growth.
Google+ was initially rolled out in a limited release, but now Google seems to consider it ready for prime time. Whereas registering previously was on an invitation-only basis, now anyone with a Google profile is eligible. Google+ has also improved its functionality with the addition of searching capability.

Planned expansion of Top Level Domains may spark growth--or chaos.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) expects to approve 200 to 300 new Top Level Domains (TLDs) per year going forward. TLDs are the suffixes like .com or .org following a domain name. While ICANN's move could open up room for new websites and make categorization of sites more specific, it could also lead to some confusion, as brands stake out new territory and existing sites scramble to protect against imitator domain names cropping up under newly-issued TLDs.

Mobile growing rapidly as a percentage of Facebook usage.
Facebook has announced that it has reached 350 million mobile users, making mobile users 43.75% of Facebook's total 800 million user base. With Facebook having added 100 million mobile users since just last March, mobile users could constitute 50% of Facebook's total by the time it user base reaches 1 billion.

Google draws heat from Senate Judiciary sub-committee.
In a contentious session before the anti-trust sub-committee of the Senate Judiciary committee, Google CEO Eric Schmidt drew heat over allegations of anti-competitive practices. The threat of anti-trust action could put a damper on Google's attempts to out-position Facebook and Microsoft by broadening out its offerings, though those other two giants will have to keep an eye on the anti-trust enforcement climate as well.

Bing consolidates diverse deal sources.
Microsoft's Bing is attempting to benefit from the proliferation of daily deal sites by launching a site which aggregates deals from a variety of sites. Though there are signs of initial growing pains on Bing's site, the concept could allow it to co-opt the popularity of daily deal sites without launching its own unique effort.
Marketing Pilgrim

Facebook display ad revenues: not just #1, but fastest-growing.
According to projections by eMarketer, Facebook will take over the top slot in US display ad revenues this year, with $2.19 billion, or 17.7% market share. Facebook not only enjoys the top spot, but also a faster rate of growth than its major competitors, with an expected 81% jump in US display ad revenues this year.

Mobile payments gain traction.
A recent estimate from Gartner shows the number of people worldwide using mobile payment methods grew by 38% over the past year, to 141.1 million. Even more striking is the growth rate in dollar volume for these transactions, which increased by 76%, to $86.1 billion over the same year. Given that global credit and debit card transactions run into the trillions of dollars annually, ample room for continued growth is seen.

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