Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #106 July 27, 2011

Medium-sized businesses show greatest interest in social media.
Figures from eMarketer show the greatest emphasis on social media coming from executives at medium-sized companies. 49 percent of executives interviewed from medium-sized companies said that social media was their top strategic priority, and 51 percent said it was very important to their company's success. This compares with 27 percent and 36 percent, respectively, of executives overall who were asked the same questions.
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Online advertising share growing, but still playing catch-up.
80 percent of advertisers surveyed report having shifted 20 percent or more of their advertising budgets from traditional to digital spending. As a result, digital ad spending continues to grow both in absolute terms and relative to spending on traditional media. However, the share of digital ad spending still lags relative to the proportion of time people spend online vs. consuming traditional media.

Marketers slow to shift from ad networks.
Despite the potential for audience targeting and cost savings from newer ad placement methods such as ad exchanges and demand-side platforms, these approaches still garner a relatively small share of ad placement dollars. Ad networks are still the most popular way of placing digital ads, though emphasis on performance, audience targeting, and price could cause marketing executives to look elsewhere.

Microsoft posts a 20 percent increase in online ad revenue.
Microsoft reported a 20 percent increase in search and display advertising for the quarter ending June 30th, 2011, which is the final quarter of Microsoft's fiscal year. For the full year, online ad revenue was up 19 percent, to $2.3 billion.

General Motors puts build-a-vehicle tool on Facebook.
General Motors has incorporated its online vehicle configuration tools into Facebook for its GM and Buick brands. The premise is that people want to share their vehicle option selections with their friends, and get feedback from them. General Motors believes the approach will provide a measurable ROI, since they can track whether people who use the new capability end up buying a vehicle.

Google cuts off support for its toolbar on Firefox.
Starting with Firefox 5, Google will no longer provide a version of its toolbar for Mozilla's Firefox browser. This may end what has been a collaborative relationship between Google and Mozilla. Speculation is that Google would like to capture this portion of the browser market itself, though in the immediate aftermath of the announcement it seemed that the move could backfire because of user anger.
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