Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #120 November 2, 2011

Google switches from graphics to words to represent competition for keywords in AdWords.
An AdWords tool which shows advertisers how much competition there is for various keywords will now use the descriptors low, medium, and high, rather than the previous method of representing the level of competition with a horizontal bar graph. However, users will still be able to drill down and find the exact number that went into the rating.
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Tablets could expand the education market.
The use of tablets by school districts could greatly expand the youth markets for both devices and advertising. A survey of 25 school district technology directors by Piper Jaffrey found that all are experimenting with or already deploying tablets in their schools, and collectively they expect there to be a six-to-one student-to-tablet ratio in five years, compared to a ten-to-one ratio for PCs currently.

One-way social interaction may be a missed customer service opportunity for brands.
Survey results from Maritz Research show some revealing trends on how brands use Twitter for customer service. Despite the fact that customers--especially older customers--often expect a response to complaints relayed via Twitter, brands only responded to such complaints a third of the time. However, 75% of customers receiving a response were satisfied with that response.

There's a new wrinkle in search as Google subtracts the plus sign.
SEO professionals have yet another change from Google to ponder, as the company has removed the + operator as a way of indicating a required term in search results. The - operator is still functional in Google search descriptions.

StumbleUpon produces stats to back claim of longer shelf-life for its content.
According to a new infographic by StumbleUpon, their content sharing service not only produces half the traffic referrals in the US (compared with #2 Facebook's 37.4%), but their content continues to produce referrals for a much longer time after the initial post, and produces longer-lasting page views than other referral sources.
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Microsoft promotes use of Bing outside of its own browser.
While Firefox is a rival browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Microsoft has made a deal to provide its Bing search engine as an alternative search option on Firefox, and now is actively promoting downloads of "Firefox with Bing." Google is still the default search option on Firefox, so Microsoft's strategy seems to be that as much as they'd like to take browser market share from Firefox, they'd also like Bing to capture some share of the search market that would be going to Firefox anyway.
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Study highlights how mobile shopping differs from other online behavior.
A Harris Interactive study found that 59% of people (and 83% of those under 35 years old) use search to research local businesses, but research sources are more equally divided between search and review sites for mobile users. In either case, users turn to the merchant's own web site for info just 8% of the time.
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Microsoft seeks to facilitate business use of social media data.
Microsoft is testing a new service called Social Analytics, which is designed to help integrate social media data into business applications. Plans are for the service to be available to both app developers and end-user businesses.

Entertainment consumption stats reflect the changing nature of computer devices.
Sandvine has released a comprehensive set of statistics on how people view real-time entertainment (video and gaming on demand). These applications now account for 60% of downstream traffic in the US. Less than half (45%) of this content now goes to PCs, while mobile continues to grow its share of the traffic, to 32.6% of peak volume.
Search Engine Journal

Google Street View will soon let users virtually walk into businesses.
Google is allowing businesses to apply to have interior views of their businesses included in the Street Views of Google Maps. While Street Views have raised privacy concerns among individuals, the interior views will include only businesses that ask to be shown, opening new commercial possibilities for those businesses and for Google.
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