Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #122 November 16, 2011

Studies find US Hispanic market to be promising in terms of both size and receptiveness to ads.
One study puts the buying power of the US Hispanic market at $1.02 trillion as of last year, and it is projected to grow to $1.48 trillion by 2015. What may not be as widely known is that this market is measurably more receptive to advertising. A separate study found that 35% of US Hispanics remember ads when shopping, compared to just 22% of the non-Hispanic population. Hispanics were shown to be more receptive to ads on several other metrics as well.

Google pulls the plug on support for its Gmail Blackberry app.
The latest sign of Blackberry's declining fortunes came when Google announced that as of November 22, its Gmail app for Blackberry would no longer be available for new downloads, and that Google would no longer provide support for existing downloads of the app. By way of contrast, Google just launched a Gmail app for iOS.

Survey suggests that Kindle Fire is poised to make inroads against the iPad.
With the holiday shopping season looming, more consumers seem to be eyeing Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet than Apple's iPad. Greater numbers of both current tablet owners and non-tablet owners indicated they were likely to buy the Kindle Fire rather than an iPad. Interestingly, more current tablet owners seem likely to buy a new tablet than non-tablet owners.

Duplicate brand pages a potential flaw for Google+.
A search marketer with Overdrive Interactive has demonstrated a problem with Google+ brand pages. There is no verification system to prevent someone from setting up a bogus site under a brand's label, and Google+ even fails to prevent multiple sites being set up with the same name. Facebook at least blocks the duplication of site names that are already in use.

New alliance seeks to get something out of unused ad space.
Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo have formed an alliance to sell unused ad space on sites owned by the three firms. While the strategy could be seen as maximizing their resources, at least one industry analyst sees the move as positioning the firms as also-rans against Facebook and Google.
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Social marketing at Fortune 500 companies may have plateaued.
It may be a sign of saturation, or simply a reflection of tight budgets in a tough economy, but social marketing among Fortune 500 companies seems to have leveled off. 61% of Fortune 500 companies maintain an active Twitter account, up just 1% from last year. 23% have a public-facing blog, which is the same percentage as last year, and just 1% more than in 2009. In contrast, among the fastest-growing companies (as measured by the Inc. 500), social media strategies are considered important by 86%.

A new sales tax bill could shake up Internet retailing.
A proposed law, which has bi-partisan sponsorship in the US Senate, could require Internet retailers to collect state and local sales taxes according to where their buyers live. This would reverse the established precedent which holds that retailers do not have to collect taxes in states where they do not have a physical presence.
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Google+ is slated to remain ad-free.
According to Google's head of social advertising products, there are no plans to start running ads on Google+. Instead, Google+ Pages, where brands can have more of a true social presence, will remain the commercial focus of Google+.
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Facebook's settlement with the FTC sets up a long-running battle over privacy.
Facebook has reportedly reached a settlement with the FTC regarding a complaint that it manipulated its privacy settings to make more user data public. However, the settlement isn't an end to the privacy issue, as it will subject Facebook to 20 years of privacy audits from the FTC--a punishment Google is already facing over a privacy issue of its own.
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