Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #126 December 14, 2011

Flipboard encounters problems upon launch of iPhone application.
Flipboard, already popular with iPad users, launched a new app for iPhones in early December. Flipboard allows users to aggregate content from multiple formats into a customized, magazine-style format. Unfortunately, its popularity proved too much to handle, as Flipboard crashed soon after the launch of the new app. Flipboard is still available to users for free, and though the company has relationships with 60 different content providers, it has not yet settled on a profitable business model.
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Facebook's Subscribe button looks like it will mimic Twitter's Follow.
Facebook announced that it will soon launch a Subscribe button, which like Twitter's Follow, will make it easy for users to sign up for automatic feeds from journalists, celebrities, and other public figures on Facebook.

Houston tops IAB's list of mobile-savvy shopping cities.
The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a comprehensive study on the mobile shopping habits of Americans, including a list of the 15 top mobile-savvy shopping cities, based on mobile phone penetration, the influence of mobile coupons, ownership of retail apps on a mobile device, and ownership of social media apps. Based on a combination of these criteria, Houston scored the highest, followed by New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.
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Internet ad spending is projected to exceed newspaper ad spending by 2013.
A study by Zenith Optimedia projects that the online share of total ad spending will increase from 15.9 percent to 17.6 percent next year, and then to 19.4 percent in 2013. This would move it past newspaper ad spending, whose share is projected to decline from 20.0 percent to 18.7 percent next year, and then again to 17.6 percent in 2013.
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Ad agencies often don't practice what they preach on social media.
Although social media advertising is a hot trend in marketing, it is not something that most advertising agencies practice on their own behalf. Only 17 percent of ad agencies surveyed purchase social media ads on their own behalf. Some seem to be eagerly pursuing this niche, however, with 23 percent of the ad agencies that do market via social media spending more than $10,000 a month on social media ads.

Smartphones usually play a role in holiday shopping plans.
Different surveys indicate that anywhere from 60 to 77 percent of tablet and smartphone owners intend to use their devices for holiday shopping this season. Most often, this role involves planning and research rather than actual in-store shopping. Popular gift categories for research and/or purchase via mobile devices include books/video/games, clothing, and electronics.

Video ad views are gaining ground.
Online video views are experiencing rapid growth, but ads associated with those videos are experiencing an even stronger rate of viewing growth, as viewers apparently are becoming more accepting of video ads. Overall, video views have grown by 97 percent this year, but video ad views have grown by 128 percent. This represents 7.2 billion ad views, and ad views are representing a greater portion of overall video views than last year.
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StumbleUpon redesigns to cater to mobile users.
StumbleUpon has redesigned its site and updated its capabilities to accommodate the massive growth they are seeing in mobile usage of the site. Actions from mobile devices were negligible as recently as the middle of last year, but now they top 200 million per month, representing 20 percent of total usage. StumbleUpon users make an average of 50 queries each per month, spending an average of 7 hours per month on the site.
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Domain name factors heavily in consumer reaction to search results.
SEO tactics are focused on improving a website's rank in search results, but a new study from Microsoft Research found that having a credible domain name also makes a big difference in getting a consumer to click on a given search result. Thus, getting a click-through is a function of both quantitative (search placement) and qualitative (domain name quality) factors.
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Apple benefiting from an app edge over Android.
Flurry Analytics reports that app developers favor creating iOS apps over Android apps by a three-to-one margin. This is likely because for every dollar a developer earns from an app on iOS, it is estimated that same app would return only 24 cents on Android.

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