Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #133 February 08, 2012

Websites for consumer packaged goods add to more than just online sales.
Research released on January 30th shows that people who visit consumer packaged goods websites spend 37% more in retail stores than those who do not visit these CPG sites. This suggests that advertising on such sites has even more potential to affect buying behavior than immediate online sales responses would suggest.

With the election and the Olympics, U.S. search ad spending could approach $20 billion in 2012.
Even though search ad spending is reaching a point in its life cycle when growth should start to slow, a twin boost from a national election and the London Olympics is expected to help domestic search ad spending nearly repeat its 2011 growth rate of 27.9%. An eMarketer estimate puts 2012 growth at 27.0%, which would bring U.S. search ad spending to $19.51 billion.
Search Engine Watch

SocialFolders offers storage for people who don't trust the cloud.
With a couple of cloud storage ventures having gone belly-up recently, ongoing demand is likely from people who want to back material up to their own computers. SocialFolders offers users an efficient way to store content from their social media pages, as well as conveniently transfer material from one social media outlet to another.

New device helps users go green while going mobile.
A software developer has come out with an application that taps into two growing trends: mobile devices and electric vehicles. The GreenCharge mobile app by Xatori interfaces with the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt electric vehicles, allowing their owners to keep abreast of charge and range status, while tracking ongoing performance metrics.

Pinning images is a way of generating interest in a site.
Pinterest is gaining popularity with its tool for bookmarking websites by attaching images to a page of thumbnail images with notes. For marketers, this is an opportunity to generate brand interest and loyalty, but first websites must be set up to allow their images to be pinned in this manner; ironically, more sophisticated sites are often the ones that are technologically incompatible.
Search Engine Journal

AOL wins the expectations game, despite declines.
Shares of AOL rose recently after quarterly profits beat Wall Street expectations. AOL's revenue dropped by 3%, and net income fell to 23 cents a share, down from 60 cents a share in the period a year prior, but most analysts had estimated profits of 16 cents a share. Revenue for display advertising climbed 15%.
The New York Times

Facebook filing details robust ad growth.
One by-product of Facebook filing for an IPO is the availability of more details about revenue growth. In 2011, ad revenues climbed 69% to $3.1 billion. This was primarily due to a 42% increase in ads delivered, as Facebook increased ad units per page from four to seven.

Android gains market share, but lags in user response to ads.
Android's share of mobile users reached 59% in December 2011, rising from 38% in December 2010, according to Jumptap data. Meanwhile, Apple's iOS lost 7% of the market, falling to a 22% market share. However, iOS maintains better click-through rates on its ads, at 0.9% compared to Android's 0.59%; in 2011, iOS CTR climbed while Android's CTR slid.

The Huffington Post could expand advertising revenue with live video.
Blogging giant Huffington Post seeks to make the leap from the written word to live video, with the launch of its network this summer. The company is looking for five or six strong brands to provide a foundation for its initial advertising efforts on a network that is scheduled to stream live feeds for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Video's growth rate makes it an online ad format to watch.
Video advertising may have only a 7.9% share of online advertising now, but with a 42.1% growth rate last year, video is expected to rapidly improve its market share. According to a forecast by eMarketer, video ads' growth rate is expected to be north of 40% for 2012-2014.
Marketing Pilgrim

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