Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #136 February 29, 2012

The wearable web: Google to launch streaming glasses later this year.
Google plans to take locally targeted marketing potential in a new direction with glasses that stream content to the lenses via a 3G/4G connection, with the content adapting constantly to the user's location. The product is expected to be available by the end of this year and cost between $250 and $600. Google reportedly views this as more of an experiment than a money-making venture at this point.
Search Engine Journal

EPIC gets a cold shoulder from the FTC.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center has sued the Federal Trade Commission in an effort to get the FTC to investigate Google's new privacy policies. In response, the FTC has asked that the case be dismissed on the basis that EPIC has no legal standing in the matter.
The New York Times

Powerful iPad app delivers higher-speed Internet for $5 a month.
The New York Times is reporting that a venture called OnLive Desktop Plus is providing very high-speed Internet access for iPads, including virus-free and up-to-date versions of Microsoft Windows 7 programs, for just $5 a month. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of this cloud-based application has the potential to vastly expand the computing power available to typical users.
The New York Times

Facebook is reportedly set to upgrade its premium ads.
Leaked documents reveal a number of marketer-friendly changes that should be coming to Facebook's premium ads, including larger formats, more user interaction, connections with the user's friends who like the brand, and the option of more frequent updates. The changes are expected to be announced on February 29th.

The ad industry seeks an understanding with the government over tracking policy.
The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has agreed to join the Federal Trade Commission and the Commerce Department in backing a standard that would require advertisers to respect do-not-track requests that users set on their browsers. The DAA's cooperation comes in the wake of revelations that Google has worked to circumvent do-not-track provisions on browsers, and in the midst of the industry's ongoing struggle to fend off legislation through self-regulation.

Strong ad revenue growth forecast for Facebook, with Google hot on its heels.
A new forecast by eMarketer puts Facebook's expected ad revenue for 2012 at $5.1 billion, up by $2 billion over 2011. Facebook is expected to maintain a narrow lead over Google in display ad revenue in 2012, but Google is expected to take the lead in that category in 2013. The article also notes that eMarketer was overly optimistic in its forecast of Facebook's 2011 revenue.

New Comcast service competes with Netflix.
As online and television programming continue to converge, firms from different realms will find themselves more and more in competition. Case in point: cable provider Comcast is launching a service called Streampix, which will compete with Netflix by offering subscribers the opportunity to watch old TV programs and movies on demand. However, the service is limited to Comcast subscribers, some of whom will pay an additional charge.
Marketing Pilgrim

Google's subtle way of winning the mobile ad war.
While Google's Android and Apple's iOS are fighting a lively battle for market share in mobile operating systems, in some ways the fight is a no-lose proposition for Google. That's because some of its ad platforms are used to drive ads to iOS as well as to Android, as a result of which Google properties account for some 75% of all mobile ads, according to a Bytemobile study.
Marketing Pilgrim

The social network market may be fragmenting.
A study by eMarketer found that while Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn still dominate the social networking world, users are increasingly turning to smaller content sharing platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr, which offer distinctive social networking experiences.

Another strong year forecast for social ad revenue.
Social media should have another banner year for ad revenue growth, according to eMarketer. Total worldwide social network ad revenue is projected to grow by 48.5%, to $7.72 billion. Of this total, 47% is expected to come from the U.S., though the U.S. growth of 43% for 2012 is expected to be slightly below the global growth rate for social media ad revenue.

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