Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #208 July 17, 2013

Negative online reviews may come from a surprising source.
Underhanded competitors and dissatisfied customers are generally assumed to be behind negative online reviews, but a new academic study of an online apparel retailer found a different source. Regular and devoted customers may feel so invested that they write negative comments in an effort to influence company policies and practices such as product design or distribution methods. These armchair product managers may comment on products they haven't even bought just to get their two cents in.
The New York Times

A new study looks at the elements that help videos go viral.
Unruly's white paper titled Science of Sharing looks at branded videos that go viral, stressing the importance of evoking a strong emotional response and giving people a social motivation to share content. Use of humor is more risky -- while truly hilarious videos succeed, many attempts at humor fall short and are not well received. The paper also suggested Wednesday as the best day to launch a new video.
Search Engine Watch

Survey of SEO professionals ranks search factors.
Moz surveyed 120 SEO professionals and asked them to rank how nine different factors influence search placement. Domain-level authority link metrics scored highest, at nearly 21%, followed by page-level link metrics (about 19%), and page-level keyword and content based material (almost 15%).
Search Engine Watch

Many millennials spend over an hour a day shopping online.
A recent survey found that 45% of millennials (individuals aged between 18 and 35) spend an hour or more a day on the web looking at retail-oriented sites, according to the Urban Land Institute. This age group is generally more inclined than older ones to engage in a wide range of e-commerce activities, though even the millennials' purchasing preferences may vary depending on gender and the type of product.

Ad and marketing pros appear more fluent with TV than online advertising dynamics.
Even as online advertising matures, marketers may have not developed the type of intuitive feel for it that they have for a more familiar medium, like television advertising, according to research firm SQAD. Only 25% of advertising and marketing professionals surveyed correctly identified the category of websites with the highest average CPM, compared with 58% that could name the prime-time TV show with the highest 30-second ad rates.
MediaPost News

Yelp begins to enable purchases via its website.
On a limited basis, Yelp now lets users order food from certain restaurants in major cities. Eventually, Yelp hopes to expand this transactional business beyond food, and to more geographic areas. This would take advantage of research suggesting that people who visit Yelp are already in purchase mode: 82% of the site's visitors go there with the intention of buying a product or service, and 67% of users report completing a transaction within a few days.
MediaPost News

Google and Bing both benefit from higher paid search spending.
During the second quarter of 2013, Google saw paid search spending rise 13 percent from the same period in 2012, while Bing experienced a 23 percent increase in paid search spending. Google remains the dominant leader in this market globally, with an 86% share of paid search spending.

A new analytical tool can help Google users visualize research.
This week saw the release of Google Databoard for Research Insights, a new tool made available to the public to help them analyze search data. A prominent feature of this tool is that it can turn data into graphics for easier review. A significant limitation is that for the time being, the information available is limited to mobile search data.
Marketing Pilgrim

Instagram makes photo and video sharing available via other websites.
Instagram has provided a function that facilitates users embedding publicly available photos and videos on Instagram into other websites. The function was built to be easy-to-use and to work on any site that supports HTML coding, and it could ultimately help broaden Instagram's visibility.
Marketing Pilgrim

My Analytics tool allows iOS users to monitor metrics.
KISSMetrics has introduced a tool for iOS users, My Analytics, that is designed for easy tracking of web traffic using Google Analytics. This allows users to make comparisons between two time periods for metrics such as total visits, unique visitors, page views, transactions and revenue.
Search Engine Watch

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