Internet Marketing News Update #231, November 14, 2014

Google unleashes Penguin 3.0 on search results
Google announced the latest update to its search algorithm. The company estimates that it will affect less than 1 percent of U.S. English search results, but marketers using linking strategies should pay special attention, since several tweaks address those strategies. Also, people should not assume they are unaffected just because they don't see an impact right away - Google advises that this is to be "a slow worldwide rollout."
Search Engine Watch

PageRank may be going away, but alternatives are available.
For about a year, Google has been hinting that it might discontinue PageRank, and recently made a new indication among these lines. There are a variety of alternatives (reviewed in this article) which perform similar functions, including Page Authority from Moz, Trust Flow from Majestic, a URL ranking scale from Ahrefs, and Host Rank from Blekko.
Search Engine Watch

Layoffs at Bing could reshape search landscape.
Microsoft has announced a round of layoffs that include the leading SEO expert in its Bing search division, Duane Forrester. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft is throwing in the towel regarding its attempt to challenge Google for search dominance, or is simply making a sweeping change in approach.
Search Engine Journal

Study finds ranking #1 in mobile searches even more important than in desktop searches.
A massive study of click-through rates (CTRs) found that the number one position in mobile yields a higher CTR than on desktops (27.7% vs. 19.3%) and represents a greater value added because the drop-off to the number two position is steeper. CTRs for the number two search position drop to 11.4% on desktops, and all the way to 9.2% on mobile devices.
Search Engine Journal

Google Wallet may ride wave of interest in Apple Pay.
While the launch of Apple Pay captured headlines recently, Google has actually been in the mobile payments game for a few years now - albeit with lackluster results. Recently though, Google Wallet has seen a sharp increase in new users and transactions. Speculation is that the buzz over Apple Pay may be inspiring new interest in mobile payment systems in general. If nothing else, the combined muscle of Apple and Google should help convince retailers to accept these systems.
Ars Technica

IBM to bring new capacity to processing Twitter data.
IBM and Twitter are teaming up to utilize their respective strengths to provide insight to advertisers and business executives. IBM will use its artificial intelligence technology and expertise to help analyze the massive volume of Twitter posts in order to identify emerging trends of interest to decision-makers.
The New York Times

Facebook gives users more control over their News Feed content.
In a win for users over advertisers, Facebook has made it easier for users to banish certain content from their New Feeds, including branded content. Users can select from a list of content sources, including friends and brands, to indicate which sources they no longer want to see post items in their News Feeds.

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