Internet Marketing News Update #232, December 15, 2014

Marketers still view technology through traditional lens
When asked by a survey which marketing technologies they find useful, marketers most frequently cited tools that help with traditional strategies. These tools included CRM software, analytical tools, and e-mail marketing software. Tools related more directly to digital marketing, such as content marketing, social media, and SEO software, were well down the list.

Companies lagging consumers in mobile coupon adoption
As the audience for digital coupons continues to grow, a strong majority (currently estimated at 70 percent) of these consumers are utilizing those coupons via their mobile devices. Despite this, only 36.5% of U.S. companies currently provide mobile coupons, and this is expected to remain under 50 percent two years from now.

New Google DoubleClick Verification options give advertisers more control
Addressing advertiser concern about having their brands appearing to sponsor content they find inappropriate, Google has introduced eight updates to its DoubleClick Verification program. Included is a ratings system, similar to the audience ratings for movies, that allows advertisers to limit their ads to content they feel is right for their image and values.
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New study shows user tendency to keep some content sharing dark
So-called "dark social" sharing includes methods of forwarding content that are not easily tracked on public forums. This would include using e-mail or instant messaging as opposed to sites like Facebook and Twitter. Not only do 32 percent of consumers acknowledge engaging in this, but they may be downplaying their own behavior as automated monitoring found the actual percentage is more than twice as high.
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Volume increase offsets a drop in average order size on Cyber Monday
Online retailers saw an overall increase in receipts of 8.5% on Cyber Monday, despite a 3.5% drop in the dollar value of the typical order. Leading the growth were transactions via mobile devices, which increased by nearly 28% compared with 2013's Cyber Monday.
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Tablet sales plateau as users hang onto devices longer than expected
After a meteoric rise in sales by 52.5% last year, this year's growth in tablet sales has been a considerably more mundane 7.2%. Apple's products in particular took a hit, with a 12.7% decline in shipments of iOS-based tablets this year. Besides the natural leveling off that occurs as a market approaches saturation, a key factor in the slowing sales growth seems to be that the replacement cycle for tablets is shorter than had been anticipated. Whereas industry experts had expected people to update their devices every two or three years, people are keeping them for three or four years.
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Partnership with Mozilla has started to bolster Yahoo's search business.
Yahoo's search share, which has faded to third overall in the US behind Google and Bing, is getting a shot in the arm from a new arrangement that makes Yahoo the default search engine on Firefox. Among consumers who have upgraded to Firefox 34 (which features Yahoo as its search default), Yahoo's share of search jumped about 20 percentage points, to 29.40%. Most of that gain came at Google's expense, but Google still dominates even among Firefox 34 users, with a 63.46% share of their search market.
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