Internet Marketing News Update #225, May 15 2014

Twitter hopes to leverage its ad audience through integration with MoPub.
Last year, Twitter acquired MoPub, a mobile advertising platform with an audience of nearly one billion devices. In mid-April, Twitter announced a program that will allow advertisers to simultaneously place ads on MoPub and Twitter. While this one-stop-shopping will be a convenience for advertisers, it could also have an additive effect both MoPub and Twitter ad volume.
Direct Marketing News

New Instragram marketing metrics are available, along with a social suite of metrics.
Union Metrics, which was an early provider of marketing metrics based on Twitter activity, has introduced a new measurement service for Instagram which allows marketers to track their exposure and that of their competitors. This new set of metrics is available on its own, or as part of an integrated suite of tracking metrics which also includes Twitter and Tumblr activity.
Direct Marketing News

Google seeks greater control of advertisers through new campaign management tools.
Seeking to compete with outside campaign management platforms that provide analytics on AdWords campaigns, Google has integrated four new tools into AdWords. These include Bulk Actions, which implement instructions across multiple campaigns, Automated Bidding, Advanced Reporting, and Drafts & Experiments, a tool which allows advertisers to try campaigns out in draft mode so they can test the impact of various techniques.
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Google targets guest blog sites for penalties.
Google has implemented search penalties against guest blog site PostJoint, making that the second guest blog site Google has penalized recently. The penalties send a clear message about Google's opinion of guest blog sites, and it is considered likely that search penalties will soon also affect bloggers who have posted on those sites.
Search Engine Watch

Snapchat seeks to write a new chapter with integrated text and video.
Snapchat, which has had its ups and downs in its short history, is seeking to distinguish itself from other messaging services with a new app that lets users switch seamlessly between text and live video. According to comScore, Snapchat is seeing adoption grow, drawing 20 million users to its mobile app in February, compared with 4.5 million a year earlier.
The New York Times

Despite revenue growth, analysts see red flags in Twitter's results.
Wall Street hammered Twitter's stock, despite the fact that quarterly revenues beat expectations. Analysts are troubled about how much growth potential Twitter has. Its user base grew by just 5 percent in the first quarter, which disappointed investors, and ad revenues relative to timeline views declined during the quarter.
The New York Times

Cross-device advertising is the topic of greatest interest among advertising pros.
A survey of advertising professionals found that cross-device advertising was the leading topic they hope to learn more about in 2014, beating out measurement and attribution in second place, and mobile advertising in third. 70% of ad pros are interested in learning more about cross-devise advertising, compared to 64% for measurement and attribution, and 61% for mobile advertising.

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