Internet Marketing News Update #228, August 15, 2014

Search marketing dominating retail referrals
A recent survey by and Forrester Research found that search engine marketing (SEM) was cited far and away the most often by retailing executives when asked to name their top three sources of new customers. Eighty-five percent of respondents put SEM in their top 3%, more than twice the number citing the second-place source, organic traffic. For all the buzz about social media, sources such as Facebook were well down in the single-digit percentages.
Search Engine Watch

Google winning the hearts as well as the clicks of consumers
According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Google is not only the leader in search, but customers are liking it better and better, while cooling on alternatives such as Bing and Yahoo. The ACSI ratings are based on a variety of user experience factors, and while Google's ACSI rating has grown by 6 points to 83 over the past year, Bing's has slipped by 3 points to 73, and Yahoo's by 5 points to 71.
Search Engine Watch

Consumers are warming up to mobile ads
A study by xAd and Telmetrics found that mobile ads are gaining credibility with consumers, and winning engagement as a result. Fifty percent of mobile shoppers now say ads are informative or helpful, up from 22 percent in 2013. As a result, 2 out of 5 mobile shoppers now click on ads, up from 1 in 5 last year, and 60 percent share ads on social media.
Search Engine Journal

Instagram gearing up to take on Snapchat
Rumors that Instagram was preparing an app to compete with Snapchat were confirmed when Instagram released a test-run of its new app, called Bolt, to a limited market comprising Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand. Like Snapchat, Bolt facilitates the instant sharing of images with contacts.
Search Engine Journal

Security breaches reach a new extreme
Security breaches have become a familiar part of the online landscape, but the scale of the latest breach suggests that security is effectively non-existent. Russian hackers raided 420,000 websites to get hold of 1.2 billion user names and corresponding passwords, along with over 500 million e-mail addresses.
The New York Times

Facebook hoping to use a combination of video and targeting to capture TV ad revenues
Though social media channels are winning a significant amount of the time people used to spend watching TV, many traditional advertisers have been slow to switch their ad dollars to the sites. Facebook is hoping to change that, with a new push to win advertisers based on its ability to deliver video ads to users targeted according to their likes, activities, and connections - though this may prompt more user push-back about encroaching ads and privacy intrusions.
The New York Times

Big brands embrace Nielsen's new video metrics
Marketing technology company Unruly has teamed with Nielsen to offer refined ratings for online video campaigns. The metrics combine Nielsen panel responses with anonymous data from digital providers to more precisely measure the size and demographics of audiences for video campaigns, and major advertisers are responding enthusiastically because it mirrors how they measure TV advertising.

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