Internet Marketing News Update #238, June 15, 2015

Tweets to be available via Google.
For the first time since 2011, Twitter posts will be included in Google search results, thanks to a new agreement between the companies. The move is expected to drive more traffic to Twitter, while Google wants a means of providing information on breaking developments in real time. According to one analysis, tweets will be ranked ahead of news results in some situations. This service will roll out first via a mobile app, with desktop search to follow later.
MediaPost News

Bots now outnumber humans in web traffic.
According to a report from Distil Networks, bots now represent a greater portion of web traffic than humans, 59 percent to 41 percent. This is a fast-developing trend, as the human share of traffic dropped by 14 percent in the past year - not that human traffic actually declined, but because the proliferation of bot traffic took a greater share of the total. The report breaks bot traffic down into "good" and "bad" bots according to whether they operate within industry guidelines for legitimate commercial purposes. Good bots represent 36 percent of total traffic, to 23 percent for bad bots.
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App use is dominant among mobile uses, but concentrated in very few apps
A new Forrester report states that users of Android and IoS devices spend 80 percent of the time on those devices using apps, compared with 20 percent browsing the web. However, there are relatively few big beneficiaries of the dominance of apps, as just five apps captured more than 2 percent each of user time spent: Facebook, YouTube, Maps, Pandora, and Gmail.
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Voice-activated search may get boost from integration in new cars.
Google has signaled its intention of working with several automakers to bring its apps on-board in new car designs, and Hyundai has become the first to embrace the idea by announcing that its new Sonatas will include voice-activated search along with various other Google apps. Adoption of on-board voice-activated search could mark a significant change in consumer search habits.
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Cable, Internet, and phone companies are missing the mark with customers.
Even while introducing ever more technology and programming, cable TV, Internet, and phone companies are failing to satisfy their customers. The American Customer Satisfaction Index found ratings for those industries have fallen to a seven-year low. Cable TV and Internet companies tied for last out of 43 industries the index ranks for customer satisfaction.
The New York Times

Yahoo provides transparency on ad viewability and fraud.
Yahoo is teaming with third-party measurement services to provide advertisers with figures on ad viewability and fraud according to standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Media Rating Council. This is considered an important step in helping advertisers verify that they are getting what they pay for, as fraud is an ongoing problem and ad viewability is about a 50/50 proposition.

Standards on ad viewability have yet to come of age.
Even as advertisers gain access to more information about ad viewability, industry standards hardly represent an informed consensus. Only 30 percdent of ad executives could correctly identify the current Media Rating Council (MRC) standard for a viewable ad. Also, only 10 percent felt that the time specified by the MRC as adequate for viewing - 1 second - was enough to consider an ad as having been viewed.

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