Internet Marketing News Update #245, January 15, 2016

Instagram getting high marks for user ad recollection.
According to Nielsen Brand Effect, ads on Instagram are remembered by consumers at a rate that is 2.8 percent times the online norm. Advertisers are taking note: eMarketer expects Instagram to reel in $595 million globally in mobile ad revenue in 2015, and its marketing usage rate among companies with 100 or more employees to jump from 32.3% in 2015 to 48.8% in 2016.
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Tablet demand benefits from replacement cycle.
Even as penetration growth slows, demand for tablets remains strong as the market appears to have entered a replacement cycle. Thought the penetration rate is already at 57% in the US, roughly half of all adults surveyed said they plan to buy a tablet in the fourth quarter, either for themselves or as a gift. An analyst from Mintel sees the market becoming increasingly bifurcated between low-cost tablets on the one hand and high-powered "pro" versions on the other.
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Big tech dominates top app positions.
App development once may have been a highly-independent, grassroots-driven movement, but the revolution has been consolidated. Google, Facebook, and Apple own all of the top ten US smartphone apps for 2015. Facebook has the distinction of being the most widely-used app, while Google owns the most apps (5) in the top ten.
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Google prompts app downloads on its homepage.
Google's homepage has usually been remarkable for its lack of clutter, but the search giant did add a marketing-oriented twist with links to download apps for both its own Android and rival iOS operating systems. The move seems timed to prompt app downloads by users who are setting up new devices received over the holidays.
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The human-to-bot traffic ratio differs according to popularity of site.
According to a recent study by Incapsula, humans and bots are running about neck-and-neck in terms of the percentage of web traffic they represent, but the mix varies greatly depending on the popularity of the site. Less popular sites (those with 1,000 to 10,000 daily visits) see bots represent the vast majority of their traffic, though at least most of these bots have positive rather than malicious functions. Highly popular sites (those with over 100,000 daily visits) get a clear majority of visits from humans, though most of the bot traffic on these sites is malicious.

A win-win projected for 2016 as display passes search in advertising dollars.
An eMarketer study projects that display will pass search in ad dollars attracted this year, though both will benefit from rising spending. Display ad spending is expected to rise by $6.02 billion to reach $32.17 billion, while search spending is expected to gain $2.71 billion to reach $29.24 billion. One analyst points out that one reason the figures for display are so high is that the study lumps social, video, and native media into the display category.
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