Internet Marketing News Update #250, June 15, 2016

Google title tag expansion creates desktop and mobile mismatch
Google recently expanded the size of title tags displayed in its search results. Surprisingly, the length now visible in mobile search results now exceeds the new length of desktop title tags. Mobile title tags can be about 78 characters, whereas desktop tags generally accommodate about 71.
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URLs and photos may soon be removed from Twitter character counts
Including a URL or a photo in a Twitter post can consume as much as 24 characters each out of the 140 character limit. Twitter has been exploring ways to allow for longer posts, and one change reportedly in the works is to exclude URLs and photos from the character count. This is especially significant for social media marketing campaigns, since including photos in posts can dramatically increase engagement.
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Google's AI efforts aim to put search in a new context
Google's recent launch of its Home and Assistant products reveal a heavy emphasis on artificial intelligence. These product's search functions are designed to learn everything they can about user preferences in order to provide a richer individual context for search results. Google's CEO describes the process as providing a customized version of Google for each user.

TV and Internet increasingly collaborating
Though television and Internet providers compete for user attention in some ways, new statistics on simultaneous use of TV and the Internet suggest each might also benefit from synergies with the other. An eMarketer survey found that nearly 85% of Internet users go online while watching television. Further, a rising percentage (currently about a quarter) of simultaneous users are viewing online content that is related to the program they are watching on TV. This means that TV content can prompt more online activity, while that activity can promote greater response to TV ads.

Edmunds and Oracle team up to provide user data for targeted campaigns
Edmunds has long been a go-to source of information for car buyers, and now it is looking to benefit from the information those car buyers have provided it when they have searched its site. Edmunds and Oracle have announced a deal to disseminate user information that Edmunds has amassed to advertisers looking to target those users.
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Playable ads are a possible defense against users tuning out video ads
Advertising firm mNectar is touting playable ads as a solution to increased user apathy towards video ads. The mNectar in-app adds engage the user in a mini-version of a game, giving them a chance to preview the game and also making them interact with the advertising content. According to mNectar, 30% of its users remain engaged with the ads through to their completion.
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