Internet Marketing News Update #254, October 14, 2016

From obstacle to gatekeeper: Adblock Plus gets into selling ads
Adblock Plus, a popular ad-blocking add-on, is getting into the advertising marketplace by leveraging its ad-blocking reputation. Adblock Plus has created a marketplace for buying and selling ads that meet certain consumer-friendly criteria, such as being clearly labeled, not interfering with what the user is trying to read, staying within certain size parameters, and no animation.

Apps become the dominant means of Internet access via smartphones
Apps are the clear standard for how U.S. consumers access online content through their smartphones. An eMarketer study found that 85.7% of Internet time spent on smartphones occurs within apps, compared to just 14.3% of time spent accessing the web directly through smartphones.

Google reorganizes and rebrands cloud services
Google announced that it is bundling various cloud-related services under the Google Cloud brand, while also rebranding what was previously known as the "Apps for Work" suite of services. That group, which includes Gmail, Google Docs, and Sheets among others, will now be known as the "G Suite."
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YouTube's debate viewership shows progress
Following the initial debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, YouTube was touting the fact that its live viewership for the event was 14 times what it had been for the first presidential debate of 2012. However, with 2 million live concurrent viewers, YouTube's audience remained a tiny fraction of the estimated 80.9 million total Americans who watched the debate on television.
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Rollout of Penguin 4.0 appears to primarily target link manipulation
As experts worked to grasp the implication of Google's Penguin 4.0 algorithm update, an early consensus is that web pages that concentrated on creating backlinks in volume may be penalized. Significantly though, the algorithm will target just the offending page rather than the whole site. Another important aspect of Penguin 4.0 is that updates will be rolled out immediately, making SEO an ever more moving target. One conclusion is that quality content may finally trump SEO tricks.
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Facebook tries again at user-to-user e-commerce
Trying to tap into the success of user-to-user commerce sites like e-Bay and Craigslist, Facebook has launched a new site called "Marketplace" to connect buyers and sellers. This is not to be confused with a now-defunct Facebook site launched in 2007 which was also called Marketplace, though critics say the features of the new offering are not much advanced from 2007 e-commerce. Unlike e-Bay, Marketplace does not offer any protection for buyers, so it will have the "buyer beware" ethos of Craigslist. The main strength is the huge size of Facebook's audience.

Cross-device activity is thwarting ad attribution
The increased use of multiple devices by consumers during a single buying activity, such as buying an item via one device that was researched on another, or being inspired by an ad seen on one medium to buy via another, is making it difficult for advertisers to assess the conversion success of their various campaigns. Only 39% of respondents to a recent survey of marketers said their capabilities allowed them to understand cross-channel buying activities.

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