Internet Marketing News Update #256, December 15 2016

New Adwords metrics released
Google provides advertisers with new data sets to ponder. The focus is on the physical shopping habits of mobile users and, with the new data, advertisers will be able to base their targeting on things like how far a customer typically is from a store when doing a related search, when physical store visits tend to peak, and how the timing of search activity correlates with related store visits.
Search Engine Watch

Facebook addresses fake news
Following the outrage over the proliferation of fake news stories this past election season, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would take steps to try to contain the manipulation of the social network to spread misinformation. The steps focus on both detection of false news and supplying warnings to accompany stories that have been reported to be fake. While the spread of fake news reached a fever pitch during the election campaign, bogus stories are often linked to for-profit ad farms and thus figure to be an ongoing problem.
Search Engine Watch

Keywords still matter despite removal from Google's Search Console
Google has removed the Content Keywords report from its search console. This report was once the primary means site managers had of viewing how Google's search engine viewed their content, but Google feels it has since been superseded by other tools such as Fetch and Render, and Google's Search Analytics report. Despite the removal of the Content Keywords report, Google reminded the public that keywords still are very important to how its algorithm interprets the emphasis of content.
Search Engine Journal

Opinions broadly split on the importance of link-building
A recent Search Engine Journal poll found a surprising split of opinions on the importance of link-building to favorable search rankings. Fifty-six percent of respondents said that link-building was absolutely necessary to search-ranking success, while a fairly-high 44% said it was not essential. Experts acknowledge the potential benefit of link-building, but cite drawbacks to the strategy as well. These include the degree of difficulty and the potential for it to backfire via search algorithm penalties for low-quality links.
Search Engine Journal

Marketers plan greater emphasis on influencers
A poll of online marketers found that 48 percent plan on an increased budget in 2017 for reaching influencers, compared to just 4 percent who plan to decrease spending on that activity. The emphasis on influencers is seen as a potential solution to ad blocking.

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