Internet Marketing News Update #252, August 15, 2016

Google adds price extensions for product detail
Google's Adwords platform has added a feature that allows advertisers to tack specific products and pricing information onto the bottom of ads. This allows advertisers to update and change the products and prices they feature without altering the main body of their ads. Clicking on a particular product will take customers to a landing page for that product.
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Twitter ups its bet on streaming
In late July, Twitter announced deals to carry regular Major League Baseball and National Hockey League games. Following an earlier announcement that it would carry NFL games and its streaming of this year's Wimbledon tournament, it appears Twitter is going all-in on live streaming of sports as it searches for a business model that will stop it from losing ad share to social media rivals such as Facebook and Snapchat.

North American digital travel sales slow
2016 is projected to be the year that the percentage growth rate of digital travel sales in the North America drop into the single digits, but strong growth in other regions, especially Asia, is expected to keep the worldwide growth rate in double digits through 2018. July, 2016 projections from eMarketer show that the global growth of digital travel sales is expected to be 13.8% this year, compared with 7.5% for North America. With 33.8% of the total worldwide sales, North America is still the leading digital travel market, but eMarketer's projections show that Asia is expected to take the top spot next year.

Pay-for-privacy ruling challenges behavioral advertising revenue model
Comcast has appealed to the FCC to reject a proposal that would ban Internet providers from charging more to customers who opt for privacy settings that prevent them from being the targets of behavioral advertising. While consumer advocates say this is a right-to-privacy issue, Comcast frames it as an economic choice consumers are given between paying for their Internet service directly or by being subjected to behavioral advertising.
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Worldwide ad growth forecast downgraded, but U.S. forecast upgraded
Global advertising giant GroupM downgraded its forecast for global ad spending growth by 0.5% for 2016, but upgraded its U.S. forecast by 0.4%. Both growth rates remain modest, with GroupM forecasting global ad growth of 4.0% for 2016 and 4.3% for 2017, and U.S. growth of 3.1% this year and 3.0% next.
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Reddit users uneasy about plans to allow sponsored posts
Reddit is the latest social media outlet struggling to find a profitability model. Users were offered free premium membership in exchange for allowing an advertiser to sponsor a post. Negative reactions ranged from concern about the impact on the genuineness of content to complaints that the reward was meager.
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