Internet Marketing News Update #264, August 15, 2017

Amazon Spark seeks to tap into consumer interests
After months of beta testing, Amazon Spark has gone live as a social media site devoted to introducing products to people based on their interests. While to one degree or another social media sites have long sought to gear advertising to user interests, Amazon Spark is designed to specifically solicit information about those interests and attempt to sell products to people based on preferences they have indicated.

New study compares Instagram and Snapchat usage
Mobile security firm Wandera has compiled data in a new study of usage patterns for Instagram and Snapchat. The study found that for typical users these services consume 15% to 20% of their monthly mobile data allocations. Over the past year average daily data usage for each service is about equal, but Instagram made a huge jump up in the second quarter of 2017, while Snapchat stayed about level. In each case the heaviest usage day is Sunday, making this prime time for marketers.

Google iOS users now can give feedback on auto-complete suggestions
Auto-completion of search terms as they are entered is intended to be helpful, but in reality is the bane of many users. Google's latest iOS update gives users the chance to push back on auto-complete suggestions they feel are off base. Those users now have an option which would allow them to comment on specific auto-complete suggestions which arise when they are entering search terms.
Search Engine Journal

Users may be developing a preference for Accelerated Mobile Pages
A recent survey by 9to5Google found that over half of users responding said that they preferred to click on links for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) when using mobile devices. AMPs use a stripped-down version of HTML to provide quick loading on mobile devices, with an emphasis on text rather than video and other peripheral functions.
Search Engine Journal

Facebook shifts focus to private groups
Although only 5% of its users participate in private groups on its site, Facebook intends to place greater emphasis on getting users to engage in these groups of users with common interests. Even as a small minority, the audience of private group members still represents 100 million users, a number that is likely to grow as Facebook encourages more participation. This could be of interest to marketers looking for specific niche audiences.
The New York Times

New study indicates influencers are effective at driving engagement
A study of influencers on Instagram found that posts by paid influencers are far more effective than posts emanating directly from brands in generating user engagement. In some cases, posts by influencers garnered 100 times more engagement than brand-sponsored posts, and a majority of marketing professionals thought influencers were either effective or extremely effective in raising awareness, increasing customer loyalty and driving sales.

Facebook cracks down on ad cloaking
Facebook has announced that it is actively identifying and eliminating advertisements on its site which use the practice of cloaking, i.e., posting content that links to a site different from what the link purports to represent. Cloaking has been used to direct users to sites that do not meet Facebook's standards. Facebook said it is using a combination of artificial intelligence and human reviewers to identify such sites.
Direct Marketing News

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