Internet Marketing News Update #265, September 15, 2017

Bing's Dynamic Search Ads get full release
After about a year of testing, Bing's Dynamic Search Ads were recently made accessible to all U.S. advertisers. Like a similar product from Google, this tool allows advertisers to start a campaign with just general information about ad content and the preferrered web pages to target. Bing's Dynamic Search Ads will then place the ads in response to searches on the targeted pages, with its algorithms determining an appropriate headline and page placement.
Search Engine Journal

Google offers program to boost paid news subscriptions
Recognizing that publishers often cannot survive based solely on the advertising Google helps provide, Google has introduced a three-tiered program to help them boost their paid subscriber rolls. Google's program allows searchers one free click behind a paywall so people can explore new content, plus it facilitates electronic payments and helps publishers identify potential subscribers.
Search Engine Journal

Study suggests Facebook is more effective than other social media at driving sales
A survey by online polling company CivicScience found that users are more likely to buy something in response to a Facebook ad than in response to ads on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Sixteen percent of those surveyed said they had made a purchase based on a Facebook ad, compared with just 4% or Instagram, 2% for Twitter and 1% for Snapchat.

Fraud concerns may be drawing app marketers to ad networks
A July survey by InMobi found that 59% of app marketers said that ad fraud was a significant problem. Marketers are taking a variety of steps in an attempt to address that problem, with the most common solution being to work with a trusted ad network. Fifty-eight percent of the survey respondents cited that as an approach they were trying, followed by blacklisting rogue IPs at 33%, direct publisher partnerships and integrating with independent fraud prevention tools at 27% each, and insisting on full transparency and reporting at 26%.

Shift to Rich Communications Services (RCS) seen as boosting text ad capability
Text ads have been a useful way for marketers to target customers and get their attention, but once the message is open the ads have been limited by the relatively bare-bones capability of traditional text. However, the new RCS standard being adopted by advertisers is seen as having the potential to make text ads more dynamic, allowing them to better compete with online and in-app advertising.
Direct Marketing News

Google Search Console upgrades aim to make SEO improvements easier
Google has made some significant upgrades to its Search Console (originally known as Webmaster Tools) to help site managers identify and address SEO issues more efficiently. Highlights include a capability for testing the impact of fixes on search rankings without finalizing those fixes, and a workflow function that allows multiple team members working on a project to collaborate on different aspects of the project at the same time.
Search Engine Watch

New poll finds most SEO professionals neglect link disavowal
A poll conducted by Search Engine Journal found out that over 50% of SEO professionals pay little attention to disavowing links that might be harmful to their sites' search results. Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they never bother to disavow links, while 18% only engage in the process on an annual basis.
Search Engine Journal

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