Internet Marketing News Update, October 15, 2017

Small businesses choosing Facebook for online marketing
A recently-released poll by G2 Crowd found that Facebook was far more popular for advertising among small businesses (defined as those with 250 or fewer employees) than any other social media outlet. Eighty percent of poll respondents reported marketing via Facebook, compared with 51% for Twitter, 44% for LinkedIn and 36% for Instagram. All other choices were used by less than 20% of respondents.

AI expertise lags awareness of marketing potential
A poll of North American marketing professionals found that while 61% reported being aware of the potential marketing applications for Artificial Intelligence, only 3% consider themselves experts in the field. This may explain why only a minority of them are making heavy usage of techniques such as chatbots, predictive analytics and auto-personalized content. Other polling suggests that there may be a gap in the marketing potential of AI and the availability of sufficiently capable tools.

Facebook to give advertisers more control over placements
In a move designed to protect advertisers from unwanted associations with undesirable content, Facebook has announced new guidelines that allow advertisers to specify what kinds of content they want to avoid. Along with this announcement, Facebook advised content producers to think about what kind of content might affect their revenue under these guidelines, which could be a first step toward discouraging some objectionable content.
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Google says webmasters can't act on most algorithm updates
For all the focus webmasters put on trying to detect and decipher Google algorithm updates to maintain their search results, Google's Gary Illyes says 95% to 98% of those changes are not things that webmasters can actively exploit. Illyes, who has been managing Google's recent updates, advises webmasters simply to pursue white hat SEO strategies of producing relevant, quality content.
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Instagram adds new polling feature
Instagram has added a new feature to increase user engagement by enabling users to add a question to the Stories they post, with viewers able to vote on the answer and see updated poll results in real time. The account owner will be able to see not only the overall vote tally, but also how each respondent voted. As with all Instagram Stories, these polls will disappear in 24 hours, so account owners must harvest results within that time.
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Google discontinues FirstClickFree
In an effort to encourage more users to subscribe to content rather than just casually browsing, Google has announced it is ending a feature called FirstClickFree which allowed people to see a limited amount of free content in response to search results. Previously, publishers were required to provide at least three free articles before imposing a paywall. Now, Google's approach will be called Flexible Sampling, with publishers able to specify both how much free content they will allow and the time frame to which that limit will apply.
Search Engine Journal

Americans spend half their time consuming media
Updated numbers from eMarketer show that US adults spend slightly over 12 hours a day consuming various forms of media, with digital media representing the largest share (with TV second, and radio and print a distant third and fourth, respectively). At 5 hours and 53 minutes, digital is approaching half the total time spent consuming media, and at 3 hours and 17 minutes, mobile represents more than half the digital share.

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