Internet Marketing News Update #272, April 13, 2018

Amazon experiments with rewarding customers for viewing ads

A patent description filed by Amazon suggests that the online retailing giant is hoping to try out a form of advertising that will create incentives for customers to view ads. As a user views a product ad, the price of the advertised product will automatically drop once the user has had a chance to see some or all of the content. If effective, this approach could both improve ad view statistics and prompt product sales.
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Google cleaning up dormant Internet marketing AdWords accounts

Google announced that it will start deactivating any AdWords accounts that haven't been used in the past 15 months. Account owners who want to reactivate their accounts will get three months to use those accounts or else they will be deactivated again. Google says that culling the inactive accounts will make the overall AdWords system operate more quickly.
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Content marketers: Google looking to mobile sites first for indexing

In recognition of the fact that most searches now take place via mobile devices, Google has announced that it will use the mobile version of websites for compiling its search indexes. Only if a site does not have a mobile version will Google use other versions for indexing purposes.
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Instagram to give most recent posts highest priority

Instagram plans to make the recentness of a post a bigger factor in how it displays user feeds, rather than purely using an algorithm based on content. However, users can avoid getting overwhelmed by new posts because Instagram will allow users to choose when they want their feeds updated to show new posts, as opposed to it happening automatically.
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Programmatic outsourcing creates control problems for online marketers

A survey of chief marketing officers by marketing consultancy NewBase found that 43% of them outsource their programmatic marketing - a higher number than for any of the other 14 marketing efforts covered by the survey, including things like branding, advertising, and social media marketing. This may reflect a difficulty finding in-house talent to handle programmatic marketing, but it also may be a source of the frustration many marketers feel about the quality and cost of programmatic marketing, leading many to seek more control of it.

Survey: users finding online ads more relevant

An Adobe Digital Insights survey found many users find ads have become more relevant over the past two years, especially among younger age groups. In particular, 57% of 20-to-36 year-olds found ads had become more relevant compared with just 10% who thought they had become less relevant. The 18-19 and 37-52 age groups also showed clearly more people found ads had become more relevant rather than less, with skepticism much higher in older age groups.

Ad agencies team up to protect brands online

In response to concerns about programmatic advertising associating ads with undesirable content, several leading advertising agencies have joined forces to form the Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB). The APB will help agencies cooperate by notifying them when ads for brands they represent have been seen in negative environments, so they can respond to potentially harmful placement methods more quickly.
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