Internet Marketing News Update #275, July 15, 2018

Instagram reaches 1 billion users

Instagram has gained 200 million new users since last September to reach the 1 billion-user threshold. Though Facebook's user base is still bigger, Instagram's is growing at a faster rate and represents a younger demographic. Significantly, Instagram is clearly beating the adoption rate of rival Snapchat. Instagram now has more people publishing stories than Snapchat's total user base, and reportedly Snapchat's recent redesign has not been well-received.
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Google may restrict online marketers' attribution

Google has announced that it will start to limit the use of DoubleClick IDs, an announcement that has raised concerns among marketers about access to data needed to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. DoubleClick IDs have been instrumental in allowing third-party attribution tools access to the Google data necessary to analyze campaigns. Restricting third-party analysis in this way could force marketers to rely more on Google's own attribution services.

App reinstallation factors into internet marketing

A substantial portion of app loads on mobile devices are actually reinstalls of apps the consumer used at some point in the past. Reinstalls represent 29% of app loads in North America, and 42% worldwide. Reasons for uninstalling and reinstalling apps include managing limited device memories and having only a temporary need for certain apps.

Study provides insights into ad blockers

A recently-released study found that one in five internet users blocks ads all the time, with poor content, lack of relevance and frequent repetition of the same ads being among reasons prominently cited for rejecting ads. The challenge is that while heavy internet users are more likely than average users to employ ad blockers, they are also more likely to say that advertisements influence their purchasing behavior.
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New ad verification guidelines for content marketing

The Media Ratings Council (MRC) has released a draft of ad verification guidelines designed to update guidelines originally released by the MRC and the Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2012. The new guidelines would measure an ad's placement relative to specific content rather than based on just the site on which it appears, in recognition of the fact that many sites now heavily feature user-generated content alongside proprietary content.
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