Internet Marketing News Update #280, January 15, 2019

Google offers online marketers pay-for-conversions option

While the norm in online advertising has been for advertisers to pay platforms according to how many users click on their ads, Google is now offering a new ad model that allows online marketers to pay according to how many actual conversions they get. This program can apply to conversions that take place within seven days, and could ease advertiser concerns over click fraud.
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Facebook experimenting with online search ads

Six years after flirting with search ads via its short-lived Sponsored Results program, Facebook is again experimenting in this realm. Through a test program limited to a handful of industries (automotive, e-commerce and retail) Facebook is offering to have ads display alongside user search results. However, at this point these are search ads only in terms of their placement. The ads will not appear in conjunction with any specified keywords, so this does not yet represent a new front in the search engine optimization wars. Also, search ads cannot be bought directly, but rather are offered only to online marketers who already advertise on Facebook's news feed.
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Online marketers getting more selective about vendors

Providers of internet marketing services should be alert for a possible shakeout in the industry as online marketers look to cut down on the number of vendors they employ. A survey by Sizmek found that a total of 60% of U.S. brand marketers said cutting down on their number of vendor relationships was either a "critical" or a "high" priority. One reason is that many brand executives feel the online marketing supply chain has become too complex.

Google makes it easier to revisit past searches

Google has launched a mobile feature that adds to search results pages a list of related search activity the user has done in the past. While this may accomplish a similar function to bookmarks, it allows the user to jump directly from one set of search results to related results without going via the browser. For content marketers, this is both good and bad news: it could encourage more repeat visitors to past search results, but it could also push some organic results of new searches further down on the page.
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Coalition for Better Ads seeks to broaden reach

The Coalition for Better Ads is seeking to take its advertising standards worldwide, having already succeeded with influencing some advertisers in North America and Europe to abide by its standards. The underlying goal is to stem the tide of ad blocking by encouraging advertisers to try more user-friendly formats. Already, Google's Chrome filters out ads in North America and Europe that don't comply with the group's standards.
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