Internet Marketing News Update #283, April 15, 2019

Customer engagement leads as an internet marketing metric

Online marketers use a variety of metrics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. According to eMarketer, the most commonly-used metric in North America is customer engagement, which is monitored by 59% of online markers surveyed. This was followed by brand loyalty (56%) and customer retention (49%). Experts stress that choosing the right metrics is a vital first step in implementing an online marketing campaign, since the metrics should be tailored to the campaign's objectives.

Tax refunds better for bankers than for retailers

A recent survey finds 53.2% of U.S. internet users plan to save all or most of their tax refunds this year. An additional 5.9% plan to invest all or most of those refunds. In contrast, only 20.9% survey respondents said they planned to spend all or most of their refunds. However, other studies point out that consumers don't always follow through on their saving plans.

Google testing new privacy measure for smartphones

A Google Chrome test platform has been trying out a feature that alerts consumers when a website is attempting to extract information (location, browsing history, etc.). Consumers then get the option of blocking access to their information. However, industry analysts say it is still far from clear what final form this privacy measure may take, given Google's heavy dependence on advertising revenue.
MediaPost News

New survey suggests heavy crossover among online marketing techniques

A WordStream survey of techniques online marketers use in addition to their ad campaigns finds that most often advertisers are also engaged in search engine optimization (SEO). Seventy-percent of digital advertisers also use SEO. Besides SEO, online marketing techniques found to be used by more than half of digital advertisers were e-mail marketing (66%) and content marketing (60%).
Search Engine Journal

Post-millennial generation is a new frontier for online marketers

As the post-millennial generation starts to come of age, internet marketing techniques must adapt to their habits. A recent poll finds that Snapchat is overwhelmingly the favorite social media platform among U.S. teens. Fifty-one percent of 13 to 17 year olds cite Snapchat as their favorite social platform, compared with 27 percent for Instagram, 19 percent for Facebook and just 3 percent for Twitter. Though not considered a social network for the purposes of this poll, YouTube is also a force to be reckoned with when marketing to teens: polls report over 80 percent of U.S. teens spend time on YouTube, with nearly half spending at least three hours a day on it.

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