Internet Marketing News Update #217, October 28, 2013 >>

Cross-device tracking is the latest online marketing technique to draw Congressional scrutiny.
Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate new methods of tracking consumer activity across different devices for the purpose of showing them relevant ads. While such cross-device tracking techniques are still being worked out, Markey is concerned they could further erode consumer privacy.
The New York Times

Internet Marketing News Update #216, October 21, 2013 >>

New Google tools expedite ad creation for small advertisers.
Google's AdWords platform has launched two new tools that make it easy for even unsophisticated advertisers to create professional-looking ads. The Ready Image Ads tool scans the user's site and compiles images from that site while assembling an ad in a similar style and color scheme. The user can then edit that automated draft into a finished product. The Ready Image Gallery walks the user through the process of creating video and other dynamic advertising forms.
Search Engine Journal

Internet Marketing News Update #215, September 26, 2013 >>

Survey finds consumers are cool to wearable technology.
A TNS survey of 1,000 US consumers found less than 10% of respondents are interested in wearing products like Google's Glass and Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watch. Fifty-two percent said that if they used such a device they would prefer a wrist watch, compared with roughly 25% who preferred an armband and less than 5% who wanted to wear a device on their eyes.

Internet Marketing News Update #214, September 19, 2013 >>

Usage patterns show that tablets rule primetime.
A study by TubeMogul found that while usage patterns for smartphones and tablets are fairly similar during the day, tablets surge to a clear lead just in time for the primetime hours. This is especially significant because 25% of all video ad views take place between the hours of 8:00 pm and midnight.
MediaPost News

Internet Marketing News Update #213, September 4, 2013 >>

Twitter's further commercialization plans become apparent with the hiring of its first head of commerce.
Twitter has hired Nathan Hubbard as its first head of commerce. According to Hubbard, Twitter plans to team up with merchants and payment services to give them a platform for their offerings. In turn, Twitter hopes the resulting e-commerce activity will allow it to collect more data about the interests and buying habits of its users, giving it a valuable commodity to sell to advertisers.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #212, August 14, 2013 >>

Marketers seek answers to improving email clickthrough rates.
Marketers have seen progress in the email open rate over the past two years: from the first quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2013, this rate rose by 7.8 percentage points to 31.1%, Epsilon reports. Marketers have been less successful with getting readers to click on the contents of those emails, as the clickthrough rate has declined by 0.8% to 5.1% over that same period. Experian Marketing notes that open and clickthrough rates are significantly higher when emails are sent in response to a specific user action.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #211, August 7, 2013 >>

Marketers show shift in the type of data valued.
Interaction among online channels is the hot topic among marketers this year, with 73% of them studying those figures, up from 70% last year. Social data has seen a big jump in interest over the past year, rising by seven percentage points to 63%. Third-party research and customer survey data saw declining interest, though online surveys remain the analytic tool marketers most commonly purchase.

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