Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #204 June 19, 2013 >>

Social media sharing gives extra legs to branded videos.
Social media can help brands get more mileage out of their promotional videos. Branded videos are shared over half a million times a day, according to a new study by Unruly Social Video Lab. And in a survey of the online audience aged 18-34, Decipher Research found that if a video is recommended as opposed to discovered independently, there is a 14% greater chance that the viewer may enjoy it.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #203 June 12, 2013 >>

Spending shares hold steady as digital ad growth slows.
Projections from eMarketer indicate that retail, financial services, consumer products and travel, respectively, should hold onto the top four spots in U.S. digital ad spending over the next few years, with retail's share hovering around 22%. Industry-wide, U.S. digital ad growth rates are expected to be in the low double-digits over the next few years before dropping to the high single-digits in 2016.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #202 June 5, 2013 >>

Amazon creates a multi-purpose log-in for cloud platforms.
Amazon joined the ranks of providers of web identity services, with a multi-purpose log-in that its 200 million users can choose as their access credentials for apps, games and websites. This would give Amazon even more information about its customers, and could position the retailer to provide an advertising platform for app developers.
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Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #201 May 29, 2013 >>

Consumers more willing to put up with ads than pay for content.
Though digital consumers sometimes bristle at the presence of advertisements, they are much more willing to accept those ads than pay for content. A study by the Yankee Group found that only 31% of smartphone owners and 46% of tablet owners would be willing to pay for even a moderately priced ($0.99 to $2.99) upgrade to an app, while 67% of smartphone owners and 73% of tablet owners would be willing to engage with advertising to view the same content for free.
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Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #200 May 22, 2013 >>

Despite questions, growth expected for native ads on social media.
BIA/Kelsey expects native advertising on social media to grow more quickly than display advertising over the next few years, becoming a $4.57 billion market by 2017. Despite this optimism, some doubts remain for both agencies and consumers. Roughly a third of agencies believe it is too early to tell whether native advertising is more effective than conventional ads, and many Internet users think native advertising -- with its integration into web content -- can be misleading.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #199 May 15, 2013 >>

Facebook reportedly set to launch autoplay video ads.
The Financial Times has reported that Facebook is preparing to launch video ads that play automatically on user feeds. These ads may prove controversial with users and advertisers alike. Facebook reportedly plans to charge advertisers whether or not the user has activated the audio for the ads.
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Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #198 May 8, 2013 >>

Mobile helps drive strong advertising growth for Facebook.
Facebook's first quarter earnings report showed advertising revenue climbing by 43% year-over-year. Since advertising represents 85% of Facebook's total sales, this was instrumental to the firm's 39% increase in total revenue. Of particular note was the rise in mobile ad revenue, which is now about 30% of advertising sales. Mobile represented just 23% of ad revenue in the fourth quarter of 2012.
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