Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #195 April 17, 2013 >>

Female customers may prefer to browse online rather than in-store.
A March 2013 survey of 2,000 female Internet users in the U.S. found that only 6% primarily research products by visiting stores. SheSpeaks and Lippe Taylor found that 71% search the web on a PC or laptop as their primary means of product information, another 18% consult the web via smartphones and tablets, and the remaining 5% mainly ask for recommendations.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #194 April 10, 2013 >>

In advertising revenue, TV still leads, but digital is catching up.
While some traditional media have suffered from the gains made by digital advertising, TV ad revenue continues to grow, albeit slowly. For 2013, eMarketer projects that U.S. TV ad revenue could increase by 2.8% to reach $66.35 billion. In contrast, total digital ad revenue could climb from $37.30 billion in 2012 to $42.52 billion this year. The video segment is growing even faster, but is expected to end 2013 at less than 10% of the overall digital ad market.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #193 April 3, 2013 >>

North America represents biggest chunk of the growing digital ad market.
GroupM, a global media investment firm, projects worldwide spending in digital advertising could rise by about 14% in 2013, compared to a 16% growth rate in 2012. This year, global digital ad spending could climb to $113 billion. The forecast sees North America as holding the largest share of that market, representing $38 billion of the total, followed by Asia-Pacific at about $30 billion.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #192 March 27, 2013 >>

Tighter disclosure requirements could change how sites deal with advertising.
In mid-March the Federal Trade Commission released new disclosure requirements for online advertising, reviews and brand-related content on sites that receive remuneration from those brands. The new focus is largely on visibility, and common practices such as addressing disclosures on another part of the page or via a link would not seem to meet the new requirements.
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Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #191 March 20, 2013 >>

Ad industry groups are lobbying Mozilla to kill proposed third-party cookie suppression.
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) have called on Mozilla to cancel a proposed change to its Firefox browser that would automatically prevent third-party cookies from being placed on user devices. Websites would still be able to place "first-party" cookies for users who visited their websites. The DAA notes that of the visitors to its site, roughly about one in 20 has chosen to opt out of cookies.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #190 March 13, 2013 >>

Email marketers recognize newer online trends, but take time to adapt.
A study by Marketing Sherpa found that the proliferation of mobile devices was the leading trend expected to impact email marketing programs in 2013, closely followed by social media. Although email marketers recognize these current trends, they haven't completely adapted to them -- only 42% of companies surveyed have fully adapted their emails to display differently on mobile devices than on traditional computers.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #189 March 6, 2013 >>

Apple leads booming growth in mobile video viewership.
Video technology firm Ooyala predicts that worldwide viewership of online videos will reach the 1.5 billion mark by 2016. The fastest growth in video viewership is coming from mobile devices, and in particular Apple's devices. Users of iOS systems accounted for two-thirds of mobile video viewership last year, with a strong lead over owners of Android systems.

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