Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #164 September 12, 2012 >>

Google has secure lead, but Facebook looks to rise fast in mobile ad revenue.
Though both trail Google by a long way, relative newcomers Twitter and Facebook are making headway in mobile advertising. In the U.S. market, eMarketer expects Facebook to overtake Twitter and grab the No. 2 position by the end of 2013, though Facebook's 8.8% would still distantly trail Google's 54.1% market share.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #163 September 5, 2012 >>

Consumers usually go directly to the source for product information.
A new study by Compete found that consumers generally go to a retailer's website for information about a product, more often than they do an online search for information. Social media ranked far down on the list of sources for information about potential purchases. Exceptions to this were the apparel and household essentials markets, where consumers turned to other channels as well.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #162 August 30, 2012 >>

Study in UK suggests limited value for sponsored search results.
A study of 1.4 billion search results found that users clicked on organic search results 94% of the time, while sponsored results drew clicks just 6% of the time. When searching for a specific brand, users chose the top search result 80% of the time, but they are more likely to go deeper into the list of results for non-branded searches. GroupM UK and Nielsen analyzed search results for 28 million users in the UK in June 2011.
Search Engine Watch

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #161 August 22, 2012 >>

JiWire's Location Graph may take ad targeting to the next level.
JiWire is rolling out an ad tool called Location Graph that correlates mobile user locations with different types of consumer behavior, creating anonymous profiles. This approach builds on the massive amounts of data that allow for ad targeting based not on specific user identities -- which can raise privacy concerns -- but on relationships between different locations the same consumers tend to visit.
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Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #160 August 15, 2012 >>

Google to penalize copyright violators in search.
Google has announced a tweak to its search algorithm that will lower the search results of websites that are the subject of a large number of legitimate copyright infringement complaints. The move should make it easier for search users to zero in on material from its original source, rather than being drawn to sites that are simply copying someone else's material.
Search Engine Journal

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #159 August 8, 2012 >>

Mobile apps continue to grow, but a leveling off is expected.
ABI Research expects the world to download 36 billion mobile apps in 2012. This represents an average of 37 apps per smartphone user, up from 35 per user in 2011. Nielsen numbers also show that mobile users are spending a greater share of their time on apps this year than last year. However, ABI cautions that the volume of downloads could start to decline as the market becomes more established and the average user experiments less.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #158 August 2, 2012 >>

Google expands with launch of cable and Internet service.
Google has launched its fiber optic cable service in Kansas City, offering a package of television and Internet services. While it will take a while for Google to physically install these services in Kansas City, let alone build them out to other communities, the experiment signals an intention to compete directly with cable TV and Internet service providers.
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