Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #152 June 20, 2012 >>

Microsoft throws down the gauntlet with Surface tablet computers.
With its new Surface line of products, Microsoft has braved the competitive tablet market. According to AFP, one model uses Windows RT software for mobile device chips built on ARM technology, and a larger version runs on Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft avoided specifics on pricing and release dates, but a tablet should launch this fall, most likely in conjunction with Windows 8.
Yahoo! News

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #151 June 13, 2012 >>

Google Maps gets lost: Apple has a new roadmap for mobile devices.
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference showcased a new iOS maps program that is scheduled to replace Google Maps in future iPhones and iPads. Apple has integrated its digital assistant Siri into the new maps program for hands-free navigation. By incorporating Yelp and a listing of 100 million local businesses, Apple could move into the territory of local search and advertising.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #150 June 6, 2012 >>

In Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, users may opt in to be tracked by ads.
Microsoft says Do Not Track will be the default setting for Internet Explorer version 10, which is now available for preview. Reactions vary widely: Advertisers are concerned about losing the data they use for metrics, while one U.S. Congressman calls it a positive step for privacy. Microsoft's decision surprised trade organizations that are working toward a standard DNT mechanism and support of user preferences.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #149 May 30, 2012 >>

Google reveals update to Penguin anti-spam algorithm.
On May 26, Google announced an update to the Penguin algorithm, reportedly the first tweak since it launched on April 24. This Twitter announcement was described as a "minor weather report," and it did not specify the changes made. The data refresh to Penguin reportedly will affect less than one-tenth of a percent of searches conducted in English.
Search Engine Land

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #148 May 23, 2012 >>

Return on investment is only one way to measure marketing success.
Nowadays, ROI can mean not only "return on investment" but also "return on impression." Return on impression spans both the hard metric of how many people see an ad and the soft metric of how consumers perceive a brand. Marketers can also consider the returns on opportunity, engagement and objectives. The return on engagement has to do with online sharing and it can show when, how and why people relate to a brand.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #147 May 16, 2012 >>

Amid multiple digital marketing tools, email is still most popular.
Email is the top interactive marketing tool for digital campaigns, according to marketers surveyed in March 2012 by Chief Marketer. Second place is almost a tie between email newsletters, at 59%, and social network presence at 58%. Nearly half of these marketers also worked with display ads for Web and SEO. Fresh content is important to improve search presence, and niche tools such as social apps and branded games are gaining popularity.
Chief Marketer

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #146 May 9, 2012 >>

Bing looks to see if less is more with its search result format.
Bing has introduced a new, cleaner format for its search results, which seems to be in response to some complaints that Google has added so many different visual components that its results pages look cluttered. In fact, the new Bing results presentation looks somewhat like the old Google version.
Search Engine Land

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