Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #046 May 05, 2010 >>

Privacy concerns affect advertiser behavior.
Concerns raised by privacy advocates over behavior-based ads appear to be holding some advertisers back from using those ads. A survey of 90 advertisers found that they use behavior-based ads 75% less than they would if privacy were not an issue, despite the fact that those advertisers estimate that behavior-based ads are 50% more effective than conventional ads.
The New York Times

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #045 April 28, 2010 >>

New service seeks to give advertisers metrics on mobile results.
As marketing via mobile devices continues to draw more interest, a new service from the Audit Bureau of Circulations and Verve Wireless will endeavor to give advertisers hard data on the impact of these campaigns. The service seeks to measure the mobile audience by size, unique views, page views, and changes by day and time of day.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #044 April 21, 2010 >>

Digital ad industry groups announce disclosure guidelines to help users trace sources of behavioral ads.
As the digital advertising industry strives to stay a step ahead of regulation pertaining to behavioral ads, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Network Advertising Initiative have introduced new guidelines which would allow users to see which search engine was the source of the behavioral information which triggered an ad, and more detail about the organization placing the ad.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #043 April 14, 2010 >>

Search marketing grows by 20% year-over-year.
First quarter 2010 spending on search engine marketing grew by 20% compared with the same period last year, and rising query and click volumes could attract even more interest. The increase is likely a function both of market share gains and growth in the overall economy, as even the troubled financial and automotive sectors made solid increases in search spending over the past year.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #042 April 07, 2010 >>

Search-friendly redesign boosts numbers for Salon.com.
Salon.com underwent a redesign last November, with an emphasis on attracting search traffic and lengthening visitor stays. According to internal figures released by the company, first quarter 2010 traffic was up 22% over the same period last year, with referral traffic soaring by 125% year-over-year.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #041 March 31, 2010 >>

AdSafe helps advertisers pick the appropriate spots.
AdSafe has established several working relationships with publishers and ad networks to help brands ensure that their advertisements don't appear on sites with objectionable content. AdSafe rates Web site content and then applies a filter based on standards that their brand clients give them.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #040 March 24, 2010 >>

Display ads enjoy up year in a down advertising environment.
According to a report from Kantar Media, spending on display ads was up 7.3% in 2009, despite the fact that overall advertising sales across all media were down 12.3% for the year. One discouraging note for display ads, however: 4th quarter 2009 display ad sales were down 2.1% from 4th quarter 2008 levels.
Marketing Pilgrim

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