Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #036 February 24, 2010 >>

Search referral data demonstrate the overwhelming importance of search engine optimization.
Data from iCrossing regarding site visits prompted by search results show that the battle for position in those results is of extreme importance to a marketing strategy. For searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, 95% of all visits from searches come from the first page of search results. For all three search powerhouses, results after the second page account for less than 2% of the referred visits.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #035 February 17, 2010 >>

Internet moms look for product guidance from peers.
Internet moms are more influenced by word-of-mouth and consumer reviews than they are by product descriptions from manufacturers. According to a survey by online video review site EXPO, 92.3% of Internet moms reported paying most attention to consumer reviews, vs. 7.7% who cited manufacturer descriptions as their primary source of information.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #034 February 10, 2010 >>

Mobile coupons still have a way to go to catch up with more traditional forms.
A survey found that just 4% of Internet users had redeemed a mobile coupon, vs. 65% who had used coupons from a website or email, and 86% who had clipped paper coupons. What is more promising is that interest in mobile coupons is highest in the 18 to 34 age demographic.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #033 February 3, 2010 >>

The tweets grow quieter--declining activity figures from Twitter.
According to a new study by RJMetrics, Twitter faces some disturbing activity declines. The number of new users per month has declined 20%, but what is worse, users don't seem to be doing as much with their Twitter accounts. The average Twitter user has just 27 followers, down from 42. Just 17% of Twitter users are actually actively using their accounts, and 80% of Twitter users have posted less than 10 times.
Marketing Pilgrim

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #032 January 27, 2010 >>

Search activity continued staggering growth rate in 2009.
According to comScore, global search activity grew by 46% year-over-year in December of 2009, with over 131 billion searches conducted during the month. The US led the way with 22.7 billion searches, followed by China with 13.3 billion, Japan with 9.2 billion, and the United Kingdom with 6.2 billion.
Search Engine Watch

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #031 January 20, 2010 >>

Retailers continue to ramp up emails.
Marketing emails by top online retailers jumped by 12% in 2009. Volume increases over 2008 levels were evident throughout the year, with the biggest rate of increase occurring in November as more retailers tried to get a jump on the holiday shopping season.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #030 January 13, 2010 >>

How targeting can backfire, according to one theory.
A study from MIT's Sloan School of Management proposes that using online information to target increasingly specialized audiences could backfire for advertisers. The theory is that as advertisers narrow their audiences, price competition within each limited segment will become more intense, blunting the profitability of these campaigns.

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