Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #031 January 20, 2010 >>

Retailers continue to ramp up emails.
Marketing emails by top online retailers jumped by 12% in 2009. Volume increases over 2008 levels were evident throughout the year, with the biggest rate of increase occurring in November as more retailers tried to get a jump on the holiday shopping season.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #030 January 13, 2010 >>

How targeting can backfire, according to one theory.
A study from MIT's Sloan School of Management proposes that using online information to target increasingly specialized audiences could backfire for advertisers. The theory is that as advertisers narrow their audiences, price competition within each limited segment will become more intense, blunting the profitability of these campaigns.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #029 January 6, 2010 >>

Growth for social marketing predicted, but mobile advertising may steal the buzz.
According to eMarketer, spending on social network advertising should continue to grow in 2010, but the really explosive growth should be in mobile advertising. Social ad spending is expected to be up 7.1% in 2010, while mobile advertising is projected to grow by 42.5%. Even so, social advertising spending should still far outdistance mobile advertising spending, at $1.295 billion vs. $593 million for 2010.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #028 December 30, 2009 >>

iPhone hears Android footsteps.
Android is posing a credible threat to iPhone, as consumer awareness is growing while usage statistics indicate that iPhone and Android are trying to occupy much the same space with users. Awareness of Android among US mobile phone users rose from 22% to 37% between August and November of 2009, and Android users demonstrate many of the same characteristics as iPhone users.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #027 December 23, 2009 >>

Search deals may bring profitability to Twitter.
Up until recently, Twitter had achieved massive popularity without figuring out how to turn a profit. However, inside sources claim that recent deals to make Twitter content searchable on Google and Bing could earn the company $25 million, which should edge the company into profitable territory. Financial details are somewhat sketchy, as Twitter is not a public company.
Business Week

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #026 December 16, 2009 >>

Online ad spending looks poised to recover from rare slip in 2009.
According to eMarketer, online ad spending is on the verge of its first decline since 2002. Total online ad spending is projected to finish 2009 at $22.4 billion, down from $23.4 billion in 2008. However, eMarketer projects online ad spending to not only turn positive in 2010, but to surpass the 2008 total by rising to $23.6 billion.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #025 December 9, 2009 >>

Mobile Web volume increases in terms of both users and usage.
eMarketer estimates that 29.2% of mobile phone users log onto the Internet via their phones at least once a month, up from 22.3% in 2008. In addition, the average number of monthly mobile Internet sessions doubled from 10 in October of 2008 to 20 in October of 2009.

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