Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #021 November 11, 2009 >>

eBay takes a different turn with online fashion magazine.
eBay has traditionally been a fairly bare-bones conduit for buyers and sellers, but now they are trying to add more value to the shopping experience by launching an online magazine highlighting some of the more fashionable items available for sale on the site. This venture is intended to shore up eBay's slowing sales figures.
The New York Times

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #020 November 4, 2009 >>

Study suggests Twitter is more addictive than most social media.
A recent study by Crowd Science shows that more people are unable to resist Twitter than other social media on average in situations where they should be otherwise occupied. Twitter users are far more likely than non-Twitter users to access social media while at work, while in the bathroom, or while driving.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #019 October 28, 2009 >>

Internet marketers flock to social networking sites.
Online retailers are going where the audience is--to social networking sites. According to a recent eMarketer report, nearly 75% of the top online retailers maintain a presence on social media websites. Facebook is the most popular, with 56.8% of those retailers choosing to maintain a presence there, followed by YouTube at 41.4%.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #018 October 21, 2009 >>

Search ad pricing holds up better than most forms of advertising in a down year.
With the recession, most advertisers had to cut ad prices in 2009, but search ads were able to hold the line better than most other forms of advertising. 65% of search advertisers say they were paying less than last year, vs. 80% for broadcast television, and 85% for newspapers and magazines.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #017 October 14, 2009 >>

Search ads resurgent in 3rd quarter.
After the growth trend of search ads took a step back due to the recession, it seems to be gathering steam once again. A report by SearchIgnite on 3rd quarter 2009 spending indicates that search ad spending increased by 10% in the quarter, fueled by a 40% increase on spending by multi-channel retailers.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #016 October 07, 2009 >>

Google adds to user search tools.
Seeking to build upon its leadership in search, Google has added filter options that will allow users to further refine their searches. These include screening by items added within the past hour, dated within a specific range, the inclusion of more or fewer shopping sites, searching on sites already visited or those not visited yet, or found in books, blogs, or news items.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #015 September 30, 2009 >>

Mobile ads still represent a minority of advertisers.
Despite the huge boom in popularity of mobile Internet devices, practical difficulties and perhaps simple unfamiliarity are holding back the pace of mobile ad growth. Just 11 percent of advertisers and agencies in a recent poll reported having mobile advertising as a budget line item for 2010.

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