Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #007 August 05, 2009 >>

Customized online experiences take on a new dimension.
Online marketers have already been customizing site visitor experiences--from shopping cart suggestions to advertisements--according to the visitor's browsing history. Now retailers like the Gap and Victoria's Secret are correlating online histories with what they know about customers offline, to create a more detailed customized online experience.
The Tuscaloosa News

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #006 July 29, 2009 >>

Search is thriving in China.
Despite the global recession and internal unrest, business is good for the dominant Chinese Internet search firm, Baidu. The company announced that profits in the quarter ending June 30, 2009 had increased by 44.6% year-over-year. Revenues were up by 36.7% for the same period. Both the number of online customers and revenues per online customer have risen strongly over the past year.
Channel 4 News

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #005 July 22, 2009 >>

Google's success bodes well for Internet marketing and the economy in general.
Google released a strong second quarter report, showing that year-over-year revenues had increased by 3% overall, despite the continuing recession. Revenues from outside the U.S. continue to grow, now representing 53% of the total. Significantly, even though average cost per click declined 13% year-over-year, aggregate paid clicks increased by 15%.
Internet Search Engine Data Base

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #004 July 15, 2009 >>

Healthy growth rates forecast for online marketing spending, with social media marketing leading the way.
Despite the recession, Forrester Research projects double-digit annual growth rates for a variety of online marketing media between now and 2014. While social media marketing sports the gaudiest CAGR at 34 percent, this is largely due to its small initial base. The biggest dollar winner is search marketing, which is projected to grow from $15.4 billion to $31.6 billion in spending by 2014.
The Social Media Guide

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #003 July 8, 2009 >>

With the growing popularity of online coupons come the inevitable scams.
Online coupons are gaining in popularity, as they offer retailers greater marketing precision and consumers more convenience. However, scammers are now using fake online coupons to lure people into providing personal information, so people should verify the source of any coupon, and be leery of giving sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #002 July 1, 2009 >>

Online marketing taking share from traditional advertising at a slow and steady pace.
Online marketing budgets as a share of total advertising spending have been growing at a pace of just over 1 percent per year, a trend which is projected to continue. This growth of share is a function of both increases in online marketing budgets and decreases in budgets for traditional advertising.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #001 June 24, 2009 >>

YouTube speculated to be overstating losses to keep heat off of content licensing charges.
One IT consulting firm has reported its estimate that YouTube, owned by Google, is actually losing less money than widely reported. It is speculated that YouTube wishes to play up its losses to avoid being pursued more aggressively for posting unlicensed content. YouTube garners 24 percent of all online display ads for consumer goods.
L.A. Times

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