Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #212, August 14, 2013 >>

Marketers seek answers to improving email clickthrough rates.
Marketers have seen progress in the email open rate over the past two years: from the first quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2013, this rate rose by 7.8 percentage points to 31.1%, Epsilon reports. Marketers have been less successful with getting readers to click on the contents of those emails, as the clickthrough rate has declined by 0.8% to 5.1% over that same period. Experian Marketing notes that open and clickthrough rates are significantly higher when emails are sent in response to a specific user action.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #211, August 7, 2013 >>

Marketers show shift in the type of data valued.
Interaction among online channels is the hot topic among marketers this year, with 73% of them studying those figures, up from 70% last year. Social data has seen a big jump in interest over the past year, rising by seven percentage points to 63%. Third-party research and customer survey data saw declining interest, though online surveys remain the analytic tool marketers most commonly purchase.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #210, July 31, 2013 >>

The Internet surpasses television as a source for back-to-school deals.
According to a Deloitte study, for the first time the Internet has become the leading source of information on back-to-school deals. Some 55% of consumers -- up from 33% last year -- said they would shop for deals online, compared with 38% who said they get back-to-school information from TV.
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Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #209, July 24, 2013 >>

Customers more likely to act on commercials seen on computer than on other devices.
A Harris poll found that 29% of respondents are likely to take some action related to commercials they saw on a computer. This is higher than the 24% who act on commercials seen on a traditional television, but perhaps more significantly, it is also higher than the 21% who are likely to act on commercials seen on smartphones and tablets.
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Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #208 July 17, 2013 >>

Negative online reviews may come from a surprising source.
Underhanded competitors and dissatisfied customers are generally assumed to be behind negative online reviews, but a new academic study of an online apparel retailer found a different source. Regular and devoted customers may feel so invested that they write negative comments in an effort to influence company policies and practices such as product design or distribution methods. These armchair product managers may comment on products they haven't even bought just to get their two cents in.
The New York Times

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #207 July 10, 2013 >>

Twitter announces ad re-targeting program.
Twitter is gaining access to cookies and email addresses that brands have in their records so that the website can direct Promoted Tweets to those users based on their areas of interest. A "Do-Not-Track" option was also announced. Some suspect that releasing the information right before the July 4 holiday may have been an attempt to minimize public outcry. Twitter's program for U.S. advertisers echoes the strategy Facebook adopted about a year ago with Facebook Exchange.

Internet Marketing Weekly News Update #206 July 3, 2013 >>

Marketers lag behind consumers in adapting to mobile email.
Digital communications company Yesmail Interactive found that while over a third of all emails now are opened on a mobile device, most marketers have not converted their email campaigns to mobile-friendly formats. Those adaptations should include larger print, formats that require less scrolling on a smaller screen, and easy links to websites.
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